Corporate Events Are Going Above And Beyond With Themes

It’s one thing to put on a corporate event like a seminar, a trade show, or an incentive meeting — it’s quite another to put on an event that people will remember by the time the next fiscal quarter rolls around. When you put on a corporate event with a strong theme, you get an even more memorable and engaging event, with the same or better end result.

As a side benefit, if organized correctly, you can put a damper on the drinking — or not, depending on how you execute the theme, naturally.

We’ve been paying attention, and we’ve put together a list of some of the more interesting corporate events we’ve seen around and about.

Secret Agent (Wo)Man

A variation on the naughties’ murder mystery party: give every person who comes a ‘secret identity’ and the job of identification and capture of a notorious villain that’s been lured to the event. The actual meat of the event is ‘disguised’ as an excuse for everyone to be there even though it makes up the bulk of everyone’s time and attention.

Walk the Decades

One of Display Group’s favorites, a Walk the Decades party starts on one end of the hall with a 1920’s style setup, and evolves decade by decade as you walk around the room, up to an ultra-modern laser show and LED dance floor on the far side. Great for a look back at your corporation’s role in American history from the turn of the century.

The Reddest Carpet Of All Time

Perfect for events that have a major announcement or unveiling associated with them. Alternately, for incentive meetings. Roll out the red carpet, have the event staff act as paparazzi, and have everyone put on their most glamorous getups. Have a night of frou-frou drinks and high-end eats to go with the announcements.

High Stakes

Get your executives and all-stars together for a fierce competition: gambling! Everyone gets the same amount of fake money, and at the end of the night, they can purchase prizes with whatever they have — or whatever they have left!

Around the World in Eight Displays

From a giant Buddha statue to a classico Italian marketplace to a South American Carnival setup, a massively international theme can be great for announcing a merger, an entry into a new market, or anytime that your company brings far-flung branches together for an important get-together.

We’re just barely scratching the surface of the huge potential Display Group brings to your corporate events. Check our website or call us and schedule a chance to walk through our warehouse today!

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