We’re in the business of spectacle. Do you want your guests to feel like the star-eyed emoji (for reference 🤩) when they’re experiencing your event? Dazzle them with live event audio visual elements that will transport them to your dream destination – be it in the real world with AVL or in the virtual one with BLDG22.

We have the capability to create immersive experiences in the real world or livestreamed into the real one. With the live event AV wizards of AVL, you’ll work with our expert light and sound designers to create custom sensory elements for your live event. With BLDG22, our state-of-the-art broadcasting studio, along with experienced producers, we can create a virtual or hybrd event experience that bridges the gap from an in-person experience to a virtual one.


Everything we do is tailor-made to your event. Depending on your AV producton needs, our experts at AVL will work with the event production team to ensure every inch of your event has the right audio and visual elements for the highest impact. If you’re looking to create a livestream experience with BLDG22, we can help you coordinate a captivating livestream from concept to creation, ensuring the virtual experience is just as impactful as the real world.

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