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Fantasee Integration: Lighting Up Detroit in Honolulu Blue for the Lions’ Playoff Run

Detroit witnessed a stunning transformation, thanks to the National Football League (NFL). In an unprecedented move, the NFL requested Detroit’s iconic buildings to don Honolulu Blue – the Detroit Lions’ vibrant color. This was in preparation for filming B-roll footage for Sunday’s game, and the city’s response was nothing short of spectacular.

The Call to Action
Building owners across Detroit received this unique request and turned to their trusted partners for help. Enter Fantasee Integration, a company known for its expert lighting solutions. They’ve been supporting these building owners for years, and when the call came, they were ready.

Quick Response and Execution
Many of Detroit’s buildings already had the Honolulu Blue lighting setup, thanks to Fantasee Integration’s previous installations. Switching to this vibrant hue was a quick process for these buildings. However, not all buildings were equipped with this capability. Recognizing the urgency, they deployed a team to update the lighting systems of these buildings.

The Challenge of Time
The task came with a tight deadline – just 30 hours. Skilled technicians, four in total, worked tirelessly, visiting multiple sites per day to ensure every building shone in Honolulu Blue.

Utilizing Existing Infrastructure
This project was a testament to the effectiveness of using built-in equipment. No additional hardware was required, just the specialized programming skills applied to systems Fantasee had previously set up. When installing these systems, how color-changing lights can enhance community engagement is often discussed. This event perfectly illustrated that point.

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Unprecedented Unity
What was truly remarkable was the unity displayed by all the building owners. It’s rare to see such a collective effort for a single cause. The entire city rallied around the Lions, creating a unified and striking visual display.

The Highlight: Michigan Central Station
The centerpiece of this effort was the Michigan Central Station. Known for its historic significance, the building had traditionally been lit only in white. However, it was originally designed with the capability to change colors, to serve as a beacon for community spirit. Seeing it lit in Lion’s Blue created a buzz on social media and was a highlight of this city-wide transformation.

Social Media Buzz and Future Plans
The response on social media to Detroit turning Lion’s Blue was overwhelming. The buzz has been so significant that Fantasee’s production team is already receiving requests for temporary lighting to add to the city’s “Lion’s Pride.”

Documenting a Historic Moment
Fantasee’s team plans to document the city during Sunday night’s game. After witnessing the city come alive in Lion’s Blue, we are more excited than ever to showcase our work and the spirit of Detroit.

This event was more than just lighting up buildings; it was about community, unity, and pride. Fantasee Integration was honored to play a pivotal role in bringing this vision to life, demonstrating the power of collaborative effort and the impact of innovative lighting solutions. Detroit shone bright in Honolulu Blue, not just in color, but in spirit as well.

To learn more about how Fantasee Integration can help you transform your building’s lighting regardless of the occasion, visit our site.

Select images courtesy of NBC Sports.

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