Display Group

We are creative event producers, accomplished tradesmen, and devoted production specialists. Located in Detroit’s historic Packard Building 22.

After beginning his career at Display Creations, his family’s company, Rick Portwood established the Display Group in 1991. Based out of Detroit, Rick applied his vision, creativity and knowledge to create a company known for its innovative and progressive designs and decor.

From its inception, Display Group is a leader in the event and design industry. By combining expert designers, skilled tradesman, cutting edge equipment, and impeccable service, Display Group continues to lead the way.

Meet the Team
Rick Portwood
Andy Olis
Chief Operating Officer
John Lamb
Vice President
Janet Barr
Niko Solomos
Sales + Marketing Manager
Lindsay Sowter
Operations Manager
Jacob Fritts
Account Executive
Cassie Lewis
Account Executive
Jamie Pecina
Senior Designer
David Danielson
Creative Director
Brendan McGettigan
Cass Adkins
Staff Artist
Jesse Bire
Staff Artist
Linda Arlington
Accounts Receivable
Marques Sewell
Operation Coordinator
Bill Rudnik
Production Assistant
Darius Sewell
Production Assistant
Patrick Mihelich
Production Assistant