Every incredible event starts with an idea. Thankfully, if you don’t have any of those, we have a team of incredible event design consultants who wanna hold your hand…figuratively speaking. They can do it all – from conceptualizing the perfect environment for your event to selecting the perfect silver sofa that takes you from MGM Grand ballroom to the Antarctic tundra. Oh, and making sure it all fits too.

With our world-class event experts, makers and engineers, your event is a turn-key experience from the start. Forget coordinating with a million vendors – as an all-inclusive collective of event experts, our design services go way beyond your basic linens and marquee lights (though, we do that too) and our passion is bringing your vision to life.


Since we’re a one-stop-shop, your event experience begins with a consultation where you’ll work side-by-side with our event design consultants to ensure every detail of your event is accounted for. Next, we’ll create your event concept and design so you can visualize the experience. After we get the okay, we’ll create a logistics strategy to make it happen. Day of, we’ll put in the work to bring the event to life with our large-scale event production team.

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