Did you know we don’t just create spectacular events, but we make stuff too? Since you can’t just waltz into a Party City and grab a life-size Barbie box, we wanted to help. Maybe you need a life-size bobblehead, or maybe you want your guests to be able to take selfies inside of a huge Air Jordan, or maybe you want to pop out of a rainbow disco ball to shock and awe your guests? Don’t worry, you’re in good craftsperson hands with our custom event fabrication team.

Display Group’s creative event fabrication workshop can take complex concepts and bring them to life with ease. If you’re looking for something a little thriftier, we can also take Beyonce concert-level dreams and create them on a state-fair talent show budget. Whether you want a 3D prop, a structure, or signage for your next event or trade show display, we’ve got you covered.


Our team of consultants will help you conceptualize and create a blueprint for the stuff event dreams are made of. After that, we provide you with examples to ensure we’re executing your vision perfectly. Once we get the green light, it’s go-time to create the event elements that will create an unforgettable experience for your guests.

Painter wearing gasmask and Dickies coveralls applying spraypaint to unpainted statue