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Behind the Scenes of the Filming of Yaniv’s Iconic Long-Take Shot at Display Group

In the heart of Detroit, Display Group has long been offering innovative solutions and unparalleled facilities for TV, film productions, and a wide array of event services. Our commitment to excellence was recently highlighted in the production of the independent film ‘Yaniv,’ particularly during the filming of its iconic ‘Yaniv Club’ long take. Directed and edited by Amnon Carmi and co-written/starring Ben Ducoff, the Yaniv team transformed our space into a breathtaking set. 

For 12 days, our Detroit studio became the backdrop for this intricate 1-minute and 3-second shot. The ‘Yaniv Club’ scene was a project of immense preparation and creative foresight. Filmed in one of Display Group’s versatile spaces, the scene required the transformation of the venue into a vibrant, detail-rich club setting that would captivate audiences. 

Display Group offers an extensive inventory of props and rental furniture, allowing for the precise customization of any set to match a director’s vision. Moreover, our custom fabrication expertise, supported by advanced 3D modeling technology, means we can create unique props and displays of every size, from the smallest detailed item to large, immersive environments. This capability was crucial in bringing to life the fantastical world of the ‘Yaniv Club,’ where every detail contributed to the scene’s overall impact.

While the impressive B22, our in-house, full-service video production studio, was not utilized for this specific project, the success of ‘Yaniv’ exemplifies the endless possibilities available to our clients. Designed to support a wide range of production needs, from independent films to commercial shoots and everything in between, BLDG22  features state-of-the-art equipment, a versatile shooting space, and a dedicated team of professionals — providing an integrated solution for any project, ensuring that creativity is never limited by logistical challenges.

The journey of ‘Yaniv,’ from concept to reality, underscores the collaborative spirit of Display Group. The film’s production benefitted from our comprehensive support, including planning assistance, logistical coordination, and the provision of a creative environment that encouraged innovation at every turn. The result was not just a successful shoot but a testament to the magic that can be achieved when visionaries are given the right tools and support.

As we reflect on the role Display Group played in the making of ‘Yaniv,’ we are reminded of our mission to empower creators and visionaries. Whether through the versatile spaces of Display Group or the cutting-edge facilities of B22, we are committed to providing our clients with the resources they need to bring their visions to life.

We invite filmmakers, producers, and content creators to explore the possibilities with Display Group and B22. Let us be part of your next creative journey, offering you the backdrop, tools, and support to create something truly extraordinary.

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