Take Your Next Corporate Event to the Next Level

You’ve probably been to some number of corporate events…and chances are, you don’t remember anything about any of them except a fuzzy notion of a dark room, an over-excited man on stage, and some uncomfortable chairs. If you’re the one in charge of the next event — or you know who is — this is for you (or them). It’s Display Group on how to bring it to the next level with some inexpensive additions.

Set a Striking Theme
It’s all too easy for your corporate event to default to the theme of “our logo on the walls and our colors splashed here and there.” Don’t go there. Check out some options for incredible prebuilt theme décor you can rent for any event — because “Zombie Pirates of New Orleans” is way better than “Generic Corporate Event Summer 2016.” Just make sure you can connect the theme and the purpose in a sensible manner.

Use Light More Effectively
Most corporate events have basically three stages of lighting: “Lights on” for before the action really starts on stage, “Lights down” to signal the start of the action, and “Spotlights and dazzle” for when the emotion is intended to peak. But imagine what you could do with a few ‘wall-washer’ spotlights in different colors and intensities — like divide the space into ‘eating’ and ‘watching the stage’ areas, or using remote-control color changes to indicate changes of tone or pace in the event. Or use furniture that lights itself for an effect that defies the traditional lights-up-lights-down by glowing softly all event long!

Keep It Vertical
One of the more predictable elements of every corporate event is sitting — everyone sits except the guy on stage, and even he sit sometimes! What if you arranged an event without seating? Or at least with only half as much seating as there are guests? Let the others arrange themselves around cocktail tables — just be sure there’s some sort of impetus to keep someone from parking it in a chair and just staying there. Putting the food somewhere away from the chairs is a good way to do it.

Incorporate Interactivity
Most corporate events are divided into two groups — the guys doing the talking, and everyone else. Maybe there’s a bit of call-and-response, but by and large, it’s all pretty passive for the guests. What if you could design a few stations that allowed your guests to ‘play along’ and learn some relevant information at the same time? That’s what interactive displays are all about! It might take a little effort to design some activities, but the software is already there — all you really have to do is fill in some blanks, and you’ll have a unique touch that will add some impact to your event.

Never Mind Picking One Amazing Theme — Try Four!
This is a big endeavor, but we’ve seen it done to amazing effect. In fact, we helped put it on! A huge room, with a different ‘vacation destination’ set up in each corner of the room, from a ski chalet to the beach to a campground to a European vacation setting. The expense, we’ll admit, was not insignificant — but we guarantee you, the employees who came to that event didn’t just remember it, they compared every event they went to for years afterward to that amazing event.

There’s definitely a place for events that don’t have anything outstanding about them — but there’s also no reason that every event you put on should be that forgettable. When you have something important enough to crank up to eleven, Display Group is here to help make it happen.

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