Extra Dollars Go a Long Way When Renting Event Furniture

When it’s time for a special event, be it corporate or personal or an association event or something, at least part of the goal is to create a lasting impression on your guests. The more details of your event hit that ‘perfect’ vibe, the more powerful that impression becomes. A flawless event has the right atmosphere — but the atmosphere is a synergetic creation of every detail of the décor.

That means that finding event furniture rentals in the right color, texture, shape, and style is crucial to nailing the vibe. Of course, the classic situation is also the normal one: the furniture that would be perfect is also several dollars per item more expensive than the one that would be functional but not perfect.

Of course no one would ever fault an event planner for trying to keep costs down. But when you have to make a choice between saving a bit of money and achieving a décor that will reinforce the event’s ability to create memories, the choice should be pretty obvious.

Memories: How the Heck do They Work?
Consider this: if you went to a party, and the guests were cool, and the food was amazing, and the entertainment was top-tier, and the seating was a bunch of hacked-off stumps, what would your primary memory of that party be? Would it be the Thai peanut-sauce pizza? The amazing rapping of international YouTube superstar Dan Bull? The time you spent chatting with those three dudes who ran a business printing braille Bibles?

Or would it be the slivers you had to pull out of your butt in the bathroom after the concert?

Yeah, that’s what it would be. Now imagine the same scenario, but instead of stumps, the chairs were those ridiculously uncomfortable folding metal chairs that professional wrestlers always beat each other with. Is the difference between slivers and massaging the flat spot off of your butt cheek terribly large?


The Myth of Positive Memories
The truth is that when it comes to renting event furniture, there is no such thing as a positive memory about event furniture. Why? Because the best event furniture does its job flawlessly by blending perfectly in with the rest of the décor — by making the guests comfortable and happy without calling attention to themselves. (Some exceptions apply — when you’re renting glowing spheres for your guests to sit on, you’ve clearly chosen to have furniture that is intended to be noticed.)

But that’s the rub — if you don’t put in the money you need to get the furniture that blends in, you end up breaking the ambiance, and your event loses its power. When you do, however, the effect is worth every pretty penny.

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