Light Up Your Next Event with These Tips

Lighting has an amazing effect on your event — too much, and everything looks overexposed, uninviting, and banal. Too little, and you create safety issues, discourage socialization, and everything looks the same even if you poured your heart into the decorations. With just enough light in general and carefully placed lights to call attention to the most important or dramatic elements of the event, you can keep people focused on what matters.

Light It Up with Uplighting
Uplighting — the technique of aiming a spotlight up from behind something, so the tool is invisible but the light it casts is obvious — creates an undeniable atmosphere. It’s a great way to transform a simple, even Spartan venue into a space full of character and drama, especially if you have one or more of the uplights colored. Uplighting an already-strong design element such as a sculpture or a large plant can create a genuine “wow” factor to the participants entering the room. Display Group offers a variety of battery-powered uplights from broad, low-power ‘ambient’ beams to intense, color-changeable (or color-changing!) beams.

Personalize With Custom Gobos
A gobo is a stencil designed to go over the bulb of a spotlight that creates a specific pattern in light on the surface shined on. Display Group has a wide variety of generic gobos like shamrocks, crowns, and stars — but we also offer a custom gobo service. Project your company’s logo onto the floor just inside the front door of your space or the wall behind your speaker, and the visual impact will linger. With a bit more warning (and at a higher cost), a gobo can be built with a stained lens so that your company’s logo can come out in your corporate colors and shades.

Pinpoint Your Focus With Pin-Spot Lighting
Pin-spot lighting is essentially what you have when you take a typical theatre’s spotlight and set it to the narrowest possible beam: a slender beam of light so bright that it pops out even when all of the other lights are turned on. Transform a centerpiece from a bouquet into an eye-popping work of natural art, light up just the walkways in an otherwise-dark space for safety purposes, or make absolutely certain that the audience notices that subtle back-stage activity that is important for the plot in motion — all with pin-spot lighting!

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