How to Select the Right Event Decor

The ambiance of your event sets the table for creating the perfect atmosphere that keeps guests captivated by a vibrant speaker or thoroughly entertained during a set played by a multi-piece band. However, creating mood-setting decorations for your event involves much more than hanging balloons from tables and chairs. You have to come up with original and visually appealing ideas that follow six rules for selecting the right event décor.

Bright Colors Elevate Mood
Color does more to influence the appearance of event décor than any other factor. The “vibe” of a wedding reception and the energy generated by a resounding speech typically depends on the colors chosen for room décor. You want select the right color palette combination that matches the tone of your event. Bright colors work best for a festive event, such as a Mardis Gras or Cinco de Mayo celebration. More subdued color palettes complement the tone set by public speakers or the presentation made by a series of seminar participants. To accentuate the impact of bright colors, incorporate the colors into logos, table linens, and table centerpieces.

Stop and Sniff the Roses
You don’t need research study to validate that flowers boost the mood of event attendees. Floral arrangements define the ambiance of festive occasions such as class reunions and company holiday parties. The key to choosing the right floral arrangements involves walking down the fine line that separates understated and obnoxious plants and flowers. Selecting the right floral arrangements depends almost entirely on the audience attending the event. You also want to minimize odor to prevent distraction, while not sacrificing on visual appeal. When in doubt, stick with time-tested tulip floral arrangements.

Step outside the Centerpiece Box
Flowers are not the only way to create centerpieces. Unique centerpieces formed from aesthetically appealing materials also enhance the mood of a party or formal event. If you offer event guests party favors, incorporate the party favors into the design of the centerpieces. Centerpieces that don’t include flowers provide more visibility for guests that want to watch a band or speaker perform. Non-floral centerpieces also reduce the time required for cleaning up after an event.

The Power of Seating

Conventional event seating stifles creativity and interaction by impeding visibility or producing vast amounts of dead space. Guests don’t want to stretch their necks or reconfigure their seating positions to watch a band perform. Less structured style seating plans that enhance guest engagements and optimise the space within an event room have replaced traditionally mundane seating arrangements. Combining round and high top tables within the same event improves the visibility and aesthetic appeal of an event.

Lights Set the Mood
Lighting represents the most cost effective way of enhancing event décor. The right lighting can transform a $20 centerpiece into a $100 visual gem that event attendees talk about for years after the event. Lights set the mood that you want to set for an event, from the low glow of lights during a business conference to the ever-changing bright lights that define the ambiance at a dance party. Motion sensor technology causes light reflections to appear, disappear, and transform into myriad objects.

Follow the Theme
It might appear to be common sense, but you would be surprised to learn about the number of event planners that create room decors that deviate from event themes. If your event revolves around a concrete theme, don’t try to reinvent the wheel by experimenting with different room décor strategies. For example, a party theme base on the Pirates of the Caribbean motif should only incorporate décor elements that associate with the wildly popular movie franchise.

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