Outdoor Events in a Heat Wave

It’s HOT! It’s so hot, that just about all we can think about is the heat…which, at Display Group, means we think about events and the poor people trying to put them on in the heat. So if we’re stuck sitting here thinking about how hot it is, we might as well put those thoughts to good use. So here’s our list of things that we want right now…I mean, things that are a good idea to have at an outdoor event when it’s this hot.

This is obvious, but it’s all-too-often underestimated. Even when an event host does put out umbrellas or tents, they neglect to count the guests. The predictable result is that there are dozens of guests that are either stuck out in the sun, or are crowded uncomfortably together to share the shade. Don’t be that host.

One of the best ways to stay cool outdoors is a simple spray bottle. Making little stands here and there with spray bottles on them let guests stop and spritz themselves when they need to, turning any tiny breeze into welcome relief. Add a single drop of lemon oil to each bottle if you really want to put the ritz in your spritz. Back it up with some drinking fountains here and there to refill with and you’re good to go!

While they can be a little pricey (like a couple of bucks each), small handheld fans can take the spray concept to the next level. Who needs to look for a breeze when you can bring one with you?

Waterproof Furniture
Just saying, if you’re going to give your guests 100-degree weather and water, you’re going to want the furniture to get hurt by water. Kind of an obvious one, but needs stating nonetheless.

Bar-Height Tables
There are few things that encourage networking and chatting more than convenient places to set your drink down while you talk. But when it’s this hot out, sometimes you want to stay on your feet to keep the breeze blowing — so grab some bar-height cocktail tables and scatter them around.

Have a Plan for an Abrupt Weather Change
It’s a little weird, but hot weather tends to be more volatile than moderate or cold weather. So have a plan for sudden rain, big gusts of wind, and so on, just in case. This means you should generally have a place indoors to retreat to in the worst-case scenario.

Make the Dress Code Clear
One final note: there’s a clear break between people who will come to an outdoor event during a heat wave in a tuxedo, and people who think that guy is nuts. Don’t make that guy suffer — send out a revised dress code to the registered guests the moment you realize it might break 80 during your event.

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