Commercial Outdoor Heaters – Tips for Events

Doesn’t it feel like winter never ends? Even when Punxsutawney Phil searches for his shadow, you can’t help but feel cold until July. For those hosting outdoor events, we have a simple and effective solution for you.

Display Group recently added several commercial outdoor heaters to our inventory and they are available for our customers to rent. These portable heaters offer efficient heating in a stylish, modular, and maneuverable design ideal for your next event. The neutral black finish seamlessly blends into a variety of outdoor spaces and aesthetics, even if your event is already decorated with backdrops, greenery walls, or temporary walls.

Modern, black heater with a curved shape on a patio surrounded by plants and trees next to table and chairs set up for a meal

Benefits of Outdoor Heaters at Outdoor Events

What makes our outdoor heaters different is the many benefits they provide. Here are some of our favorites listed below:

  • Wide Heat: Widespread heat output, up to 13ft wide and 16ft deep, to provide coverage of up to 65ft2.
  • Tailored Control: Ensure just the right level of comfortable heat with unique and patented adjustable heat controls.
  • Ceramic Efficiency: Delivery of optimal heat with minimal heat loss is assured via high-intensity ceramic burners.
  • Wind Resistance: The contoured design offers superior wind resistance.
  • Directional Heat: Warmth where you want it with an innovative adjustable tilting head.
  • Modular Design: Easy assembly, dismantling and storage thanks to a functional and pragmatic design.
  • Maneuverability: Easy mobility even in tighter spaces with an anti-tilt structural design and built-in wheels.
  • Safety: The modern design of our outdoor heaters are built for safety to ensure the comfort and well-being of all guests.

Types of Outdoor Events Perfect for Outdoor Heaters

  • Garden Party –  Whether it’s long tables or small top tables scattered over a lawn, enjoy the night comfortably outdoors while listening and dancing to music and conversation. 
  • Spring or Fall Wedding – The brisk evenings in Spring and Fall are enhanced by cozy areas furnished with wedding furniture and our space heaters to help fight the chill in the air, while the dance floor heats up. 
  • Outdoor Festivals – Food trucks and eating areas need to lend a warm place where attendees can eat and rest comfortably.

Guests will remember how your event made them feel, why not make them feel warm and cozy? Contact us today to rent our new outdoor heaters!

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