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Unveiling the Creative Journey: Designing the Main Stage for TED’s 2023 Summit Countdown Event

At Display Group we strive to create unforgettable event experiences by pushing the boundaries of creativity and design. Earlier this summer, TED Conferences hosted their 2023 Countdown Summit right here in Detroit at the Fillmore Theater. Our team was awarded the opportunity to create a breathtaking stage that captivated attendees and encapsulated the essence of the city. In this blog post, we will delve into the creative and design process employed by DG3D to bring this incredible stage to life.

A Tribute to Detroit’s Rebirth: At the heart of the design concept was the intention to showcase abstract forms representing Detroit’s iconic skyline while symbolizing the city’s ability to breathe new life into its old ruins. The stage aimed to inspire future creators and builders to harmonize nature and architecture seamlessly. To achieve this, the team incorporated live greenery that can be found throughout the city, such as Boston ferns, common ivy, tall grass, and hydrangea shrubs. By staying true to Detroit’s natural surroundings, the stage became a reflection of the city’s vibrant spirit and commitment to revitalization.

Preservation and Revitalization: In line with the theme of preserving and revitalizing Detroit, DG-3D sought to create a visually captivating backdrop reminiscent of a hand-illustrated ‘blueprint.’ This backdrop aimed to encapsulate the documentation of the city’s many eras of innovation and forward-thinking. Detroit’s community has long exemplified a unique drive to preserve, protect, and restore its stories, serving as a constant inspiration for future design thinking. The ‘blueprint’ backdrop symbolized the rich history and the enduring spirit of the city, reinforcing the message of progress and the potential for transformation.

TED Countdown Summit. July 11-14, 2023. Detroit, MI. Photo: Jasmina Tomic / TED

Collaborative Ideation: The creative process behind the Fillmore Theater stage was a true collaboration, where ideas flourished through the synergy of diverse minds. The DG-3D team worked closely with event organizers, TED’s 2023 speakers, and local artists to infuse the stage with the authentic essence of Detroit. This collaborative ideation process allowed for the seamless integration of multiple perspectives, ensuring that the stage design embodied the event’s theme and resonated with the audience.

Iterative Design and Refinement: Designing an exceptional stage requires constant refinement and iteration. The DG-3D team meticulously reviewed and revised their initial concepts to enhance the stage’s impact and ensure it met the event’s objectives. Feedback from stakeholders and the desire to achieve perfection played integral roles in this iterative design process. The team experimented with different materials, lighting arrangements, and spatial configurations to create a stage that evoked awe and fostered a sense of connection between the audience and the city of Detroit.

The Fillmore Theater stage for the recent TED Summit Countdown event stands as a testament to the creative prowess and meticulous design process of Display Group’s DG3D team. By embracing the abstract forms of Detroit’s skyline, showcasing live greenery, and creating a hand-illustrated ‘blueprint’ backdrop, the stage captured the city’s essence and inspired a harmonious blend of nature and architecture. The collaborative ideation process and iterative design approach ensured that the stage truly resonated with the event’s theme and left a lasting impression on all attendees. Through their innovative design thinking, DG3D has once again pushed the boundaries of event design, creating an unforgettable experience that celebrates the spirit of Detroit’s revitalization.

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