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Introducing Display Group’s Fall 2023 Event Furniture & Decor Theme: Autumn’s Allure

As the vibrant hues of summer begin to fade, the enchanting season of fall emerges, bringing with it an array of captivating colors and cozy vibes. Display Group’s Creative Collective set out to create an on-trend look that captures the essence of the season.

By combining the miles of rental furniture and décor offered by Display Group Events, and our innovative design team, our event artists created an event space that highlights their recommendations for 2023 Fall furniture and décor offerings: Autumn’s Allure. Let’s take a closer look at the pieces and the inspiration behind this display.

The Pieces of Our Autumn Furniture & Decor Selection: 

The lounge area boasts a sense of opulence and comfort with the inclusion of Bestow Lounge Chairs, featuring rich jewel-toned velvet upholstery that invites guests to sink into their soft embrace. Accompanying the lounge chairs is the elegant Wednesday Black Loveseat, exuding sophistication with its plush velvet cushions and ornate detailing, reminiscent of the Art Nouveau era.

Enhancing the central focus of the space are Hammersmith Coffee Tables, adorned with exquisite brass accents that perfectly complement the velvet textures. Meanwhile, the charming Fritz End Tables, available in both small and large sizes, add practicality and style to the setup. For an extra touch of vintage elegance, the Lou Lou End Tables, also in small and large variants, feature ornate patterns and intricate details, creating a stunning visual appeal.

Adding a refreshing and natural element to the scene are Large and Medium Plants, thoughtfully arranged in their pots to breathe life into the ambiance. The lush greenery harmonizes with the fall theme, fostering a welcoming and rejuvenating atmosphere.

To ground the space and tie the elements together, Oriental Rugs grace the floor with their rich and earthy tones, adding warmth and visual interest. Display Group’s attention to detail shines through with the inclusion of Julie Shelves adorned with carefully curated décor pieces, which infuse the space with personalized charm and creativity.

Finally, the Grace Floor Lamp provides soft and ambient lighting, further enhancing the cozy atmosphere during evening gatherings, completing the perfect fall setting.


Display Group’s Fall furniture and design sample setup were thoughtfully crafted to celebrate the essence of autumn. Inspired by the breathtaking colors of the changing season, the focus on jewel tones is evident throughout the collection. The infusion of sumptuous velvet textures and brass accents elevates the overall design, creating an opulent yet inviting space for any event.

The touch of Art Nouveau-inspired patterns and features adds an extra layer of charm, transporting guests to an era of elegance and sophistication. The combination of traditional motifs with contemporary elements ensures that this setup stands out as a timeless and unforgettable setting.

Fall Events & Functions:

This fall look is versatile as well. Whether you envision a romantic fall wedding lounge vignette or a more intimate gathering with friends and family, this collection caters to various occasions. The abundance of lounge seating ensures comfort and relaxation, while the captivating design elements create a picturesque ambiance that perfectly complements the season.

Together, as pictured, or as separate pieces combined with other choices from DGE’s inventory and Mandell’s creative concepts, Display Group’s Fall Event furniture and decor options are a true testament to our dedication to excellence and artistic vision. With a masterful blend of velvet textures, brass accents, and Art Nouveau-inspired elements, this setup is sure to leave a lasting impression on any event it graces.

So, as the leaves begin to turn and the air turns crisp, let Display Group’s exquisite Fall Collection infuse your gatherings with warmth, elegance, and a touch of autumn magic.

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