Music Festival Decor

Inspired by the upcoming music festivals, Design Director Cheryl Behnke and Designer Jamie Pecina created this months inspiration board!

More people are attending music festivals than ever before, and they are travelling further to find the experience that they are looking for.  On the flip side of being transported to a different world, there’s another component to these immersive experiences taking place when festival goers are taking a break from a set and just walking the grounds of the festival.  They are exploring different vendors, taking photos with art pieces, grabbing food, purchasing merchandise and more. All of these activities outside of the music are extremely important for festivals to maximize and build upon.

 While the music is the main attraction at the ever growing list of music festivals, the opportunities are nearly endless for marketing bands, brands or even the festival itself.  Encouraging social media sharing through the use of vibrant backdrops underscoring the festival’s lively vibe, the strategic placement of interactive installations and props, and the maximized use of brandable opportunities to set the stage for photo ops.  Small groupings with clusters of lounge and cocktail table seating utilizing brandable pillows in mixed patterns and coordinating colors, graphics, and custom dimensional letters and props allow for bar side seating in close proximity to the festival action.

1. Dark Blue Bonefish Stool  2. Grass mat  3.Olympia Cocktail Table

4. Custom Pinwheel Prop  5. Pallet Wall  6. Mirror Ball Chandelier

7. Custom 3D Letters  8. Large Brandable Adirondack Chair

9. Branded Aluminum Ice Tub  10. Drift Bar  11. Essex Bar Back w/Graphics

12. Custom Branded Life Preserver Backdrop  13. Diamond Lips Backdrop

14. Solid Lounge Chair Ecru  15. Rondo Table w/Graphic  16. Solid Sofa Ecru 

17. Novel Single  18. Palm Tree Prop  19. Lawn Flamingo

20. Black & White Stripe Pillow  21. Custom Branded Pillow

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