Fantasee Integration Presents: The Emotional Power of Exterior Lighting

As a company specializing in integrated lighting solutions, Fantasee Integration (FI) believes that lighting can do much more than simply illuminate buildings and landscapes. Lighting can convey emotions, tell stories, and create memorable experiences for people. We understand the immense emotional impact that exterior lighting can have on a community during times of celebration, tragedy, or other eventful situations. And we’ve seen firsthand how external illumination can be used to show support and solidarity for those in need — or even just as an expression of joy and elation when something special happens. 

In today’s post, we want to showcase examples of how exterior lighting has been used to celebrate or mourn historical events, and how FI’s integrated lighting solutions can help our clients achieve similar effects.

One of the most memorable examples of this is the Royal Wedding of Prince Harry and Meghan Markle, which captured the hearts and imaginations of people around the world. As part of the celebrations, London’s Tower Bridge was lit up in purple and gold for two evenings straight. The lighting was done to celebrate the couple’s nuptials and to mark the occasion memorably. The lighting of Tower Bridge in different colors has become a tradition for important events and occasions in London, and it is a way to bring attention to the iconic structure.

The decision to light up Tower Bridge in purple and gold for the Royal Wedding was not a random one. Purple is a color that symbolizes royalty, luxury, and wealth, while gold represents prosperity, success, and extravagance. These colors were chosen to reflect the significance of the occasion and to create a regal atmosphere.

The lighting of Tower Bridge for the Royal Wedding was a highly coordinated effort that involved many different parties. The Mayor of London’s office worked with the City of London Corporation and the Bridge House Estates, which is responsible for the maintenance of Tower Bridge, to ensure that the lighting was executed flawlessly. The lighting was done using LED bulbs, which are energy-efficient and can be programmed to display different colors and patterns.

The lighting of Tower Bridge in purple and gold for the Royal Wedding was not just a visual spectacle, but it was also a way to bring people together and celebrate the occasion. Crowds of people gathered along the Thames to watch the bridge light up, and the event was covered extensively by the media. The lighting of the bridge was also a way to showcase London as a vibrant and dynamic city that celebrates important events in style and demonstrated the power of color and lighting to create a festive and regal atmosphere and to bring people together in celebration.

Conversely, when tragedy strikes a city or town, it often feels like the entire world is standing still in stunned silence. In the aftermath of such events, buildings, and landmarks around the world have been lit up in remembrance and support. 

An example of how exterior lighting can bring people together during difficult times is the way many buildings and landmarks around the world were lit up in blue, white, and red in solidarity with France following the terrorist attack on the offices of the French magazine Charlie Hebdo in 2015. The lighting displays served as a powerful tribute to the victims of the attack and a symbol of support for the French people.

This simple gesture allows us all to share in each other’s grief while at the same time providing hope that brighter days are ahead despite our current circumstances. On more joyful occasions, exterior lighting also provides us with unique ways to celebrate significant life events such as weddings or graduations; whether it be shining bright colors across a skyline or simply outlining certain architectural features with light displays reminiscent of fireworks explosions—this additional layer creates an atmosphere full of wonderment which brings out feelings of excitement and happiness among those lucky enough experience firsthand! 

Plus let’s not forget about holidays either because many cities hang festive decorations to give citizens chance to take part in traditional customs and celebrate unity amongst friends and family members alike —something modern societies value deeply thanks to advances in technology allowing places thousands of miles apart to interact harmoniously if only brief moment time every once awhile. No matter why these components exist though ultimately purpose lies the heart emotion behind them all – connecting individuals regardless of background differences uniting a collective voice that speaks a single language empathy and understanding…and that is something we take great pride in being part of!

So whether it’s a joyful celebration or a somber moment of reflection, exterior lighting on buildings can be a powerful and versatile tool for celebrating or mourning historic events, promoting causes, and enhancing the aesthetics and functionality of a space. Fantasee Integration specializes in integrated lighting solutions that combine creativity, technology, and sustainability to meet the diverse needs and goals of our clients. Contact us today to learn more about our services and to start your lighting journey.

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