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When it comes to preparing for all types of unexpected event scenarios, Display Group has earned the reputation for meeting all of the potential obstacles with professional aplomb. The Detroit News recently featured a column, Solutions: Get your rain plan for summer entertaining, that highlighted the advice of Display Group’s Rick Portwood, who is the President of the Detroit-based specialty event rental company.

When Mother Nature Rains on a Special Event
The frequent deluges that have covered Southeast Michigan this spring and summer have caused logistical problems for special event planners. Display Group President Rick Portwood emphasized some ways special event planners can mitigate Mother Nature’s onslaughts. “If you don’t have a large home, or simply don’t want to have a bunch of people in your home, a tent is a must. It will give your guests a shaded and dry area to congregate. With Michigan weather, you never know what you’re going to get, so it’s best to plan for rain.”

In the Detroit News column, Portwood mentioned several other ways to combat the unpredictability of Southeast Michigan weather.

  • Rent patio umbrellas or small pop-up tents to keep your event guests dry
  • A garage is an excellent option for gathering guests during an unexpected downpour
  • Make an indoor “Plan B” space as comfortable as possible

Display Group’s Portwood also discusses the importance of remaining calm. A calm demeanor ensures both the guests and catering team do not over stress because of a weather glitch.

Display Group organizes and manages a wide variety of special events, from wedding receptions to weeklong business conferences. The company often rents out banquet facilities that feature outdoor areas for celebrating anniversaries and holding awards ceremonies. Display Group always prepares for the worst weather by implementing a Plan B, which comprises setting up the indoor banquet facility as a backup to keep the party or business meeting running smoothly.

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