Speakeasy / Prohibition Theme

October 29, 2013 | Last weekend Display Group provided Speakeasy décor for an event with a Prohibition theme. There were a lot of simple items, like crates, shelving and boxes, but to make it truly authentic, Display Group worked directly with the client to make the theme come to life.

One of the ideas from the client was to design custom Prohibition style labels for the liquor bottles. Our team of event designers made custom, authentic looking liquor labels and adhered them to plain glass bottles. The vodka bottles were filled with water, but to add color to the whiskey bottles, the designers added a few drops of coffee to the water.

Another detail that authenticated the Speakeasy theme were the boxes. Our designers made sure the boxes were clearly marked with Canadian flags and stamped “Canadian Whisky” or “Hecho in Cuba”. The bottles were placed around the props to make it look like a true speakeasy.

Display Groups’ expertise can transport your event back to the days of Prohibition with similar props; or let us help you design especially for your theme.

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