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Display Group recently announced the company plans to spend $750,000 on upgrades at Packard Building Number 22, which sits adjacent to Interstate 94 on the east side of Detroit. Detroit-based Display Group wants to create a major showroom and event space by repairing the Packard Building roof, renovating the cafeteria, and installing a new elevator. The company has already repaired office spaces, installed new lighting, and added heating equipment. Rick Portwood, Display Group President, said the Packard Building renovation project fits in well with current Detroit renovation projects. “We are delighted to be fully restoring and upgrading a building that is an important part of the history of Detroit, particularly in this long-neglected part of the city,” said Portwood.

Display Group plans to create a 10,000 square foot event space within the upgraded Packard Building. The new event center and showroom provides the perfect setting for business meetings and social events. Portwood said Display Group plans to create a more efficient storage system to enhance inventory control of both perishable and non-perishable products. “Although the renovation process comes with challenges, we are proud to bring back a part of history,” Portwood said. “Also, it will set us up for major growth, which will fuel future development to the building and the surrounding neighborhood.”

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