Display Group's one-stop-shop approach provides our clients convenience and trust, as all the moving parts of an event are in-house and working together to create an experience that will last a lifetime.

Establishing Display Group in 1991, Rick Portwood applied his vision, creativity, and knowledge to launch an event production and design company known for its innovative and progressive approach. As technology advances and client needs change, Display Group has evolved. 

2015: We launched DG3D, a custom fabrication workshop. Our highly skilled team of craftspeople and designers combine artistry and engineering to turn fabrication dreams into a fabulous reality. With an arsenal of state-of-the-art tools, we can bring almost any fabrication idea to life. 

2018: Rick Portwood Partnered with Mike McConnell to form AVL Creative, a full-service audiovisual production company. AVL Creative traces its lineage back to Fairway Productions, founded in 2005, and renamed AVL Creative after joining Display Group. AVL has accumulated a wealth of experience over the past 18 years in orchestrating a wide spectrum of live, virtual, and hybrid events. 

2021: To complement our range of services, Displa Group acquired Mandell Display & Design to elevate our custom décor production.

2022: Display Group welcomed two more industry leaders – Fantasee Lighting and Fantasee Integration – to our Creative Collective, further expanding our capabilities and adding more value to our clients’ events. 

With an unwavering focus on pushing boundaries and delivering exceptional event experiences, Display Group remains a leader in the industry and a trusted partner for clients looking to create unforgettable events.

Display Group's Orgin Story

Display Group founder Rick Portwood’s professional journey began at the esteemed Display Creations, a venture rooted in a rich family heritage dating back to 1922.With its foundations laid at 1332 Broadway in the bustling heart of Downtown Detroit, Display Creations was more than a business; it was a familial legacy.

The company’s origin can be traced to the Himelhoch Department Store family, established in 1907, and it was Rick’s cousin, Henry Leopold, who, alongside his wife Joyce Himelhoch, carried the torch forward. The couple took the reins from Joyce’s father and diligently managed Display Creations, offering innovative Merchandising Systems and Window Décor solutions to the city’s thriving department stores.

Under Henry and Joyce’s stewardship, Display Creations expanded its horizons, launching a series of seasonal outlets named Christmas Magic, which became synonymous with the festive cheer in Detroit for many years. Despite its storied history and significant contributions to the retail landscape, the company experienced a shift in fortunes, culminating in its sale in 1990.

Rick’s tenure at Display Creations was marked by a pivotal role as an account executive from 1989 until 1991. Harnessing the experience and insights gained during this period, Rick embarked on a new chapter, establishing the Display Group, which continues to build upon the legacy of innovation and excellence that was synonymous with Display Creations.


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