2024 NFL Draft: Projection Mapping Project

This past April, Display Group took on a groundbreaking project that lit up Woodward Avenue between State Street and Grand River, connecting the heart of Detroit to the NFL Draft Theater. From the state-of-the-art Hudson Building, our team orchestrated a spectacular display, projecting a 9K resolution image across the entire city block.

Everything from the pixel mapping and 3D models to the content and animations was crafted in-house by our dedicated team of six, who started this ambitious project in January. We utilized 36 high-powered Panasonic 35,000 lumen 4K native projectors and Disguise media servers to bring this vision to life.

This immense effort was a collaborative creation alongside Bedrock, Supper, and the NFL, commissioned by the Downtown Detroit Partnership and Bedrock. The result was not just a visual spectacle but a dynamic canvas that painted our city in the vibrant hues of the NFL Draft. We’re proud to have played a part in such an iconic event, showcasing the spirit of Detroit and the capabilities of our talented team.