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Theme & Event Rentals

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Display Group specializes in the creation of custom atmospheres for events big and small. Whether your event involves the total transformation of a space to adhere to a theme or simple additions of props or decor, Display Group has all the tools and experience to create whatever you desire. Our 200,000 square foot warehouse is home to an inventory that must be seen to be believed. With such a large inventory, it’s impossible to show you everything on our website. So if you don’t see what your looking for, please contact us, chances are we have what you need - plus new items arrive every week!

Furniture Rentals

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Display Group holds an incredible inventory of furniture for any of your needs. From plush, cozy sofas and chairs of all colors and styles to office furniture, cocktail and banquet tables, our inventory is sure to work within your event or space. Let one of our talented designers suggest a style to fit with your theme or browse our inventory and see what you’d like!

Graphics and Displays

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Need help getting your name or logo out into the world? Our custom graphic and display department can help! Graphics are the simple way to brand your event, and Display Group can handle it all for you.  We stock a large variety of rental products that may be customized with your message or brand, from bars and counters to modular and portable displays. Display Group handles a wide array of the best products on the market; we have the expertise and inventory you can rely on when branding your event.

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