Dear Friends,

As most of you know, I am closing the doors of Tokar Event Design after almost four decades of operation. While my chapter with Tokar is ending, I am pleased to announce that your story with us will continue.

I wanted to find a resource that could carry on the legacy of our vision. I am delighted that Display Group will be taking over our book of business and ensuring a seamless transition for all of you. President and CEO Rick Portwood has been engaged and invested during this process and has assured me that he is going to provide the quality of service you have become familiar with during our time together.

Since 1991, Display Group has perfected a core group of competencies for the event production industry. They specialize in the design and creation of temporary and permanent environments for their clients. They care about their clients and about the city of the Detroit, and I know they will show that same care to you and the city of Cleveland. Detroit is in the midst of a remarkable renaissance, and I know Display Group will be invested in Cleveland’s success just as they have been in Detroit. It is with great satisfaction I hand over the reins to them, I know they won’t let you down.

I encourage you to meet with Rick and his team, I know you’ll be impressed like I was. I will be maintaining my business email address and will still be available to consult with you on your projects. It’s important to me that you recognize that this process is still ongoing, and I am excited to see the results as more news develops.

It has been my deepest pleasure to work with you. I look forward to our paths crossing again.

As always,

Stephen Tokar




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