Urban Themed Event & Party Decorations

Maybe it’s the Detroiter in us speaking, but sometimes the look of a city is all you need to decorate your event.

Perfect for both outdoor and indoor events, our urban party and event decorations will help your event get a little closer to the city you call home. Offering everything from event backdrops that bring the look and feel of the city to your event, to unique decorations to help your guests get in that downtown kind of mood. Whatever city you represent as your hometown, our urban event decorations can help your event feel a little more connected to it all.

Graffiti Event & Party Decor

Graffiti has become a unique art style all unto itself, and with all the looks it can offer, why not bring some into your event? Whether you’re looking to expand your brand, try out a new look for your trade show events, or just bring your guests a little closer to the city, our graffiti decorations can make your next event stand out that much more from the crowd.

Whatever you need to give your event that urban flavor, Display Group has it. Contact Display Group with the details of your event and let us help you plan the perfect decor for it.