Rustic Industrial

Rustic & Industrial Themed Party Decor

As natives of the Motor City, we’re pretty fond of the whole ‘industrial’ look - and with how popular it’s been lately, it seems like a lot of you are too.

Rustic themes and industrial themes, incorporating styles and looks such as bare wood, unvarnished metal, and even vintage company signage, have become increasingly popular for weddings, corporate events, trade show booths, and the like. It’s a great way to visually connect with a less opulent, more “accessible” aesthetic, and can really help emphasize your connection to the more industrialized history of innovative cities like Detroit, Pittsburgh, and Chicago.

From industrial weddings to rustic trade show booths & party backdrops, Display Group has the industrial furniture and party decor you need to create the perfect rustic image for your guests. Our vintage-themed furniture can help transport your guests back to a simpler, more industrialized/agricultural time, and our industrial backdrops, table settings, and side furniture creates a look that hearkens back to when industrialization was new and full of promise.

If your next event, party, or trade show display needs to be a little less “space age materials” and more “hammer and nails”, check out our rustic theme party decor and create a more inviting atmosphere for your guests. For even more event inspiration, check out our event backdrop rentals and event furniture rentals.