New York Event Rentals

They say if you can make it in New York, you can make it anywhere. Why not find out with our New York-themed event decorations and rentals?

From the sights and sounds of Broadway to the nature vibes of Central Park, Display Group has the event rental backdrops and rental greenery you need to take your guests to the heart of the Big Apple. 

Street signs, banners for beloved Broadway musicals, and even fixtures of the New York skyline itself can help your guests feel like they’re in Times Square, no matter how far from New York your event may be. Perfect for expos, trade shows, or even corporate events where you need to give your guests a little taste of big city life - although, being from Detroit ourselves, we may be a little biased as to what “big city life” means.

Check out our New York themed rentals, or the rest of our themed event decor to find the ideal setting for your next trade show booth, expo, or corporate get-together.