Music Themed Event & Party Decorations

You don’t have to be in the music industry to treat your guests like rockstars - all you need is Display Group!

Whether you want to take your guests all the way back to Motown or you just want to add a little musicality to the proceedings, our music themed party decorations can help you get your guests in the mood.

Perfect for music-related trade show/conference displays, corporate events, or any big event where you need to coax your guests into hitting the karaoke machine, our music themed event rentals include backdrops, hanging decorations, and table decorations for any size space. Pair these with our rental dancefloors just in case your guests get inspired to cut a rug.

Not sure if your team is the singing type? Browse the rest of our themed event rentals to find the perfect setting for your event, no matter what you might need.