Modern Event Decor & Supplies

Sometimes, your event needs the most up-to-date touch it can get.

Maybe you need the sleekest rental event furniture you can find. Maybe you need to impress your guests with futuristic decor options like rental light towers. Maybe you’re just trying to stick with bold, clean colors for a more up-to-date look. Whatever you need to make your event look modern, Display Group has it.

The “modern” look means a lot of things to a lot of people. For some, it just means bright, standout display pieces and solid-colored furniture. For some, it just means “not looking like your event was held in the 80s” (not that we don’t love the occasional splash of neon). For Display Group, it means all of the above. We offer a collection of sleek, metallic installations, custom lights, and versatile modern furniture styles that can help your guests look forward to the future in comfort.

Our modern rental party & event supplies give you a perfect look for right now, that your guests will never forget. Corporate events, conferences, trade shows, even weddings - if you need modern event supplies, you need Display Group. Contact us today with the details of your event.