Imagine being able to go around the world at your next event, all without leaving your hall, office, or convention center.

That’s where Display Group’s international event and party decor comes in! A selection of themed event decor including rental backdrops, rental furniture, and other event supplies, perfect to help take your guests to another country - or at least far away from their usual settings.

Asian Themed Event & Party Decorations

Enjoy the sights and sounds of Asia with our Asian-themed event decoration rentals! A combination of rental bamboo greenery, beautiful statues, intricate paifang> arches, and even your own Chinese parade dragon! Treat your guests to the sights and sounds of traditional Chinese culture with our Asian event decorations, Asian themed furniture rentals and South Asian themed event rentals.

Egyptian Themed Decorations

Ancient sarcophagi lining the floor, lush hieroglyphics decorating the walls - no, you’re not at the museum, you’re at your next event! Give your event or booth a little of that ancient Egyptian flair with our Egyptian party and event decorations to help set the mood. Statues, backdrops, furniture rentals - you supply the guests, we’ll bring the treasures.

European Themed Decorations & Rentals

From beautiful Paris to historical Italy and everywhere in between, our European party rentals can help add a bit of that old-world charm to your next event, party, or gathering. Roman statues, beautiful plazas and shopping centers, rustic archways - no matter if you need your event to look like a bustling French city or a beautiful Sicilian garden, Display Group can help.

Latin American Party & Event Decorations

The sweltering heat of the desert meets the beautiful architecture of Central America in our Latin American event decor. Create a friendly desert cantina for your guests to saddle up and order a drink, make a mysterious and historical atmosphere of Incan and Aztec backdrops, or just set up a few cactuses to celebrate the arrival of summer - Display Group has it all!