Few things can compare to the glitz and glamour of Old Hollywood. The stars, the decor, the atmosphere - and now, thanks to Display Group, you don’t have to go all the way to Hollywood to experience it!
Our Hollywood theme decorations and movie themed party rentals can help you transform any convention center or event space into the classic, vintage look of Hollywood Boulevard. Take your guests on the red carpet for an awards ceremony, serve them drinks from behind a vintage bar, or even create a classic-styled Hollywood hotel lobby for your guests to mingle in. For the real film buffs on your team, you can even get displays, themes, and backdrops from classic movies like The Wizard of Oz to help take your guests from the red carpet to the yellow brick road.

From movie themed furniture to Hollywood style rental bars and backdrops, Display Group can help your next party, conference, awards ceremony, or event get that vintage Hollywood look with our decorations and themes. Contact us today and let us take your guests to the red carpet - even if they’re not all actors or actresses, they’ll feel like they just won an Oscar.

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