Have you or anyone you know wished you could celebrate Halloween year-round? Display Group has the next best thing.

Whether you're holding a bash in Halloween season or just trying to find something appropriately spooky year-round, Display Group offers Halloween prop and decoration rentals to turn your next event into a monster mash. Spooky event backdrops and props combine with our stage display and complete setups to create exactly the kind of creepy atmosphere you're going for.

Our rental Halloween props go beyond standard party decor to really create the appropriately haunted atmosphere for events of any size. From a whole haunted house family setup to keep your guests feeling mysterious and spooky, to a row of shelves and racks full of mad scientist equipment, Display Group has Halloween party decor rentals that will keep your guests in the Halloween spirit, even if it's the middle of summer.

Rental stages for Halloween performances (or maybe just themed karaoke), full room setups, even a giant full moon hanging from the ceiling to get your guests wondering if anyone among them is a werewolf - our Halloween event decorations and prop rentals are the perfect choice to really scare up a crowd for your next event. 

If you're in Metro Detroit, Cleveland, Chicago, or anywhere in between, and you need Halloween party rentals, who you gonna call? Display Group.

(Or maybe those other guys, if the party gets a little too creepy.)