LED Mood Orb
Stylish accent option. Can be set to multiple colors!
9” diameter

When you're planning a company banquet or industry conference, a podium for your keynote speaker might be the last thing on your mind. At Display Group, we have all the details of your event covered, including the perfect podium that matches the rest of your event design.

The next time you need to find a rental podium for your event, Display Group can make the process easier and more interesting than you might be expecting. A staple of awards ceremonies, major business conferences, and community outreach events alike, the right podium can help your speaker or presenter grab the audience's attention while enhancing the look of your event, no matter how serious or fun your presentation needs to be.

Our rental podium selection includes clear acrylic podium rentals and aluminium podiums, that offer a classy modern look, traditional wooden lecterns for an air of authority and esteem, and even more stylish options like a custom-made branch podium or an industrial-styled metal podium. Whatever conference you're trying to plan, and whatever sort of presentation your guest of honor needs to deliver Display Group has the unique podiums you need to help finish planning your event space.

If you need to find a podium for rent in Detroit, Grand Rapids, Chicago, Cleveland, or beyond, trust Display Group to help you find the rental podium or lectern that your conference needs. Contact us today with the details of your event and let us help make finding a podium feel a little less like homework.