Office & Meeting Furniture

LED Mood Orb
Stylish accent option. Can be set to multiple colors!
9” diameter

Rental Office, Meeting, & Conference Furniture

These days, “the office” can be anywhere.

With more places taking on a hybrid work model, or holding offsite work events (where “offsite” probably just means “not at your house”), your team can find themselves meeting up at a lot of different locations to get work done.

So whether you need some quick temporary furniture for your hot swapped office spaces, you need to fill out some seats for an all-hands meeting you’re going to throw, or you even just need to get some tables for your next big conference, Display Group has a wide selection of rental office furniture for teams and gatherings of any size.

Even if you’re at a larger conference and need to get away for 15 minutes to respond to one of those all-important emails we all seem to get, these conference chairs and tables are just the thing. Set up some rental office furniture around the edges of your space or event, and your guests will welcome the chance to sneak away for a quick call or text before they get back to business. (Well, other business, at least.)

From rental charging tables for your team to keep their phones and laptops juiced up, to rental chairs that can make sitting at any desk a little easier, our rental office and meeting furniture can keep your team and your guests comfortable, productive, and ready to get things done.

(Just tell them they probably can’t wear pajama pants to the event.)