LED Mood Orb
Stylish accent option. Can be set to multiple colors!
9” diameter

In a way, the right choice of event chairs can have an impact on your entire gathering.

Above and beyond just giving your guests a comfortable place to sit, finding the perfect chairs can change the look and feel of your event and set the right expectations in the eyes of your guests. Classic white folding chairs can help the guests at your wedding more easily find a seat (and, better yet, find someone to sit next to that won't be totally awkward). Colorful banquet chair rentals can give a spirit of fun to your party or after-work get together. Padded, comfortable conference chairs can let your guests know they can get comfortable during the presentation, or when they're just waiting for lunch to be served.

Whatever the event, whatever you need in a chair, Display Group has chair rentals for any size crowd or any type of gathering. From timeless white stackable outdoor chairs for rent to the most sleek and modern designs, with cushions or without, our banquet chairs will keep your guests comfy with a range of convenient designs ranging from folding outdoor chairs to relaxing rental armchairs.

Contact DisplayGroup today with the details of your event and let us help you find the perfect event chairs and other event furniture for your event, banquet, or wedding, no matter what the occasion - or how many people you need to seat.