Tufted Black & White Bar

LED Mood Orb
Stylish accent option. Can be set to multiple colors!
9” diameter

Leather Tufted Bar Rentals

“Tufted” doesn’t just refer to those weird birds at the zoo - it can actually be a great way to decorate your next event. 

Tufted leather bars are a great way to add a more elegant look to your event, while keeping the look a little more modern than with many other bars. The front and side of each of these bars are draped in black or white leather, adding a softer touch to an event rental more often known for a ‘harder’ look. 

The tufted leather can offer two advantages - not only are they a little classier and elegant than normal, they can also match much more easily with your rental chairs or rental benches and ottomans thanks to the look and feel of colored leather. Imagine being able to take a little stress out of having to plan and coordinate your furniture, while still offering a stylish and attractive place for your guests to mingle and order another cocktail. Sounds like the dream for any party planner, right?

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