LED Mood Orb
Stylish accent option. Can be set to multiple colors!
9” diameter

Pillar Rentals

Pillars - they can help create an atmosphere, add an additional touch of decor, or just help your guests know where to stand. (Pretty helpful for decorations, right?)

Our selection of rental pillars is perfect for your wedding, your major dinner, or any other event (both indoors and out) to help create exactly the look you wanted. Available in clear acrylic for a more modern look that pairs well with our event lighting, brick for a look that’s perfect for industrial theme parties, or classic stone that goes well with anything - these pillars can help you define your space and highlight needed areas better than before.

Line the aisles of your wedding with them, use them for flower pots or other decorations, or even just create a cute, impromptu ticket stand at the front of your event. Our pillars are available in different heights and sizes to fit whatever space, and can work great with our event column rentals to create a more vertical look than you would get with standard event decor.

Our pillars could be the perfect final touch for your event, or the perfect starting point to help you finalize the layout of your event. Take a look at our rental pillars for your wedding or big event, and your event might just become the...pillar of your community.