Here at Display Group, we know that a lot of thought goes into choosing rental furniture for an event, Layout – along with furniture color, style, and placement — all need to be considered. Otherwise, how can guests enjoy themselves and the event space, standing there with nothing to sit back and lounge upon? 

After 30 years of rental service and experience, we’ve learned a thing or two about event logistics and rentals options. And we’re always excited to expand our offerings. That’s why we’re stoked to tell you about one of our most recent offerings, TotallyMOD rental furniture! 

Furniture Highlights 

TotallyMOD, by Quest Events, offers some of the most innovative and sleek event seating available. Display Group’s current in-house TotallyMOD rental selection includes 68 uniquely designed white sectional modular pieces. And these can all be arranged and connected with one another to perfectly fit your event space, no matter how big or small. 

So, want to line your walls with sectional sofas or ‘coves’ so everyone has a place to sit? We can do that. Want a ‘campfire’-style setting with smaller seats and a central table for communal gathering? Absolutely. Maybe add add a few loveseats here and there so people can relax away from the main floor? TotallyMOD offers seating configurations limited only by your imagination. You’ll be surprised how flexible and versatile TotallyMOD can be.

The Flexibility of Custom Furniture 

The TotallyMOD line is available in several colors and can be branded with custom artwork. The system even features changeable RGB LED underlighting. 

The event design geniuses here at Display Group will help you produce an event that can match your imagination. We’re ready, waiting, and confident that our creative collective, combined with the inherent flexibility of TotallyMOD furniture, will be the perfect furniture solution for your next big party, event, or show. And your guests will thank you for it. 

For more information on the TotallyMOD line of custom event furniture, check out our downloadable catalog, or contact us. Because questions are welcome.

The COVID-19 global pandemic has drastically impacted the event industry. No one really knows what events will look like in a post COVID-19 world.  With government guidelines changing all the time – and the looming risk of a second wave – it’s difficult to see how things will actually pan out over the coming year.  Post COVID-19, events will be different. It’s time to let go of any old thinking and embrace the change. There are all sorts of opportunities for event professionals that want to evolve and adjust their offering.

Expos and Tradeshows

In the past, a successful tradeshow was typically defined as one that had a lot of foot traffic. With social distancing guidelines in place, a full expo hall will no longer be possible. To manage crowds and allow people to keep a safe distance from one another, organizers may need to expand tradeshow hours, allowing for staggered access to the expo hall. Organizers may implement an engaging option for delegates to attend the Expo or Tradeshow virtually. 

Going Virtual

Perhaps the biggest shift the event industry has seen over the past few months is the shift from in-person events to virtual events. As many cities and countries begin to open up their economies, events are being re-scheduled for late summer and fall. While most face-to-face events are set to resume when possible, a lasting trend of COVID-19 will be the increasing popularity of hybrid events and events held in virtual event spaces. When those who can’t attend physically have the option to participate virtually, that results in greater outreach and more attendees at lower costs.

Outdoor drive-up themed event furniture outside corporate headquarters

Social Distancing During Events

During the design phase of your event you will need to go through everything with the venue and planner to ensure that expectations can be met on all sides. For this to be the case you need to be thinking about people flow, not just guests but other staff as well.

Potential people traffic jams could be around restrooms, bars, and registration, so a defined system will need to be implemented. Remember also to factor in how people can move easily through any narrow corridors and walkways. Think about congestion points like registration desks and how they can be managed. Consider the use of self-service check-in kiosks that minimize queues and contact between people. Your event social distancing measures should be tested (just like a sound check) before your guests arrive. That way you can make any final improvements.

Catering & Food Safety  

How will food and drink be served? How will the venue work with you to keep social distancing and safety as priorities, whilst at the same time delivering delicious food?

What is apparent to many planners is that buffets are no longer on the menu. They are gone – at least for the foreseeable future – so too are any communal condiments.

In addition, it’s vital to eliminate lines of people waiting to be served food, opting for food that is ready-to-go. Consider requesting these meal kits served on environmentally friendly disposable plates, trays, etc.

Venues should have hand sanitizer stations available at the event space entrance and exit. As an additional safety measure, it would be best if entrances and exits are kept separate.

Reduced Numbers of Guests     

Even if all lockdowns were lifted tomorrow and there was no threat to the safety at any event, it’s possible that attendance numbers would be reduced. Some people will not want to travel to events, especially if they have become fans of virtual ones.

At the moment, with governments across the globe issuing edicts and guidance, it is an uncertain period and is not the time to expect the same delegate numbers as pre COVID-19. That said, a reduction in numbers that physically attend can also be a positive change.

However, having reduced in-person numbers, doesn’t mean you need to lose numbers overall especially if you create a hybrid event that engages your virtual delegates. It’s worth bearing in mind that lots of people have joined virtual events and that should definitely continue when in-person events become common again. There is no point in excluding and potentially alienating a major audience that you have created in the lockdown period.

When you’re planning an event, you want to make a lasting impression on your attendees. People might attend a lot of events so it’s important for yours to stand out from the rest. The last thing you want is for someone to remember that your event is great, but forget who organized it. One of the most effective ways to help your event stand out is by incorporating branding.

Branding at corporate events gives companies a powerful way to build their image, improve loyalty, and win over new customers. While there are lots of ways to potentially include branding at an event, one option that never fails to make a statement is using branded furniture.

Furniture is a major focal point of any room and having furniture that features your logo or branded colors puts your brand identity front and center. Not only will it help your event stand out in the minds of everyone who attends, anyone who sees pictures of the event online will know exactly who hosted it. With brandable rental furniture, tables, chairs, and anything in between can be personalized anyway you like.

No event would be complete without food and drinks, so anyplace they’re being served is bound to get a lot of attention. Make the most of it with a brandable bar or counter. Tables are another essential item at events, and branded tables are something Display Group can easily create for you. Or to make sure your guests stay powered up throughout the event, customizable charging tables are bound to be a big hit.

Don’t forget about accessories and decorations! Branded light towers can add a real wow-factor to your event. We can also work with you to create branded shelving and other customizable props like award statues, aluminum ice tubs, and adirondack chairs.

Make your mark at your next event. Contact Display Group to learn more about our brandable rental furniture options.

Display Group’s Account Executive Lindsay Sowter attended the Blissful Trend Show at the Detroit Troy Marriott on November 19, 2017.

Highlighting 2018’s wedding trends, Lindsay’s designs for the show featured Display Group’s newest inventory additions of South Asian decor, custom display, and LED dance floor.

Interested in featuring these designs at your event? Contact Lindsay today at 313.498.0259 or

The National Minority Supplier Development Council hosted their Annual Conference and Business Opportunity Exchange at the Cobo Center in October 2017. The four day conference brought together top leadership of multinational companies and international organizations to collaborate on their efforts to “Certify > Develop > Connect > and Advocate for solid minority firms in the global corporate supply chain”.

Display Group’s Account Executive Niko Solomos partnered with Ford Motor Company for their booth at the annual conference. Designed and created in-house, the exhibit featured two 16” tall towers with doors for storage, dimensional Ford oval logo for the reception desk and furniture groupings.

Display Group, along with the Imagination and GTB agencies, teamed up to create a unique display for the launch of Chariot in New York City, a new ride sharing platform recently purchased by Ford Motor Company.  The display was created to fit within the front window of the FordHub. The purpose of the FordHub is to connect with its consumers on an experiential level.

To make an impression for the launch of Chariot in NYC, the Imagination and GTB teams wanted to create a three-dimensional display created out of beads.The installation was designed to reveal the Chariot logo in the void of the suspended beads.

Utilizing innovative design techniques, the Display Group design team produced this custom piece in-house

With over 3,500 beads painted in Chariot blue, this multi-layer installation is on the forefront of branding and design.  Each of the beads were painted and suspended from metal cable.  The display was designed three-dimensionally, then broken down into (14) different units, to be shipped to the site.  Display Group’s installation team traveled to NYC to ensure the installation went off flawlessly.

Display Group was contracted by LA based artist Jason Yates to design 3D sculptures for his largest solo installation to-date. Homemade Ice Cream, hosted at the Wassermann gallery in Detroit’s eastern market, will be Yates first show in the city in 25 years. Yates, being a Detroit native, used his personal experiences growing up in Detroit as inspiration. Yates’ show will explore home life and everyone’s particular memories of it.

Display Group’s design team utilized a small prototype sculpture from Yates to start the design process. After three-dimensionally scanning the sculpture, DG carved a 5-foot foam “Sad Dog” for the show. They then hard coated the sculpture with an impact resistant, weather proof, Polyuria plastic and prepped for painting. Yates’s theme for Homemade Ice Cream uses elements of playfulness and dark concepts. DG designers used a special automotive matte black paint for Sad Dog to carry on Yates theme.

Homemade Ice Cream will feature Yates unique views and styles to create vignettes of front porches living, dining rooms and outside of homes. Homemade Ice Cream opens September 22 at the Wasserman Projects – come by and see DG’s custom Sad Dog sculpture first hand!

Display Group partnered with the American Cancer Society, presenting sponsor Ford Motor Company and various sponsors for the 15th annual Cattle Baron’s Ball on September 23, 2017. Being a Detroit based company, Display Groups’ core company values include being involved in the community and participating in fundraising events that give back to Detroit and its residents. Display Group has been a proud sponsor and vendor of the Cattle Baron’s Ball for the past 15 years.

Hosted at the Cobo Center in Detroit, the western-themed Cattle Baron’s Ball raises funds and awareness for the fight against cancer.  The signature ACS event was attended by over 800+ of Detroit’s community leaders and top executives.

As a sponsor and event décor vendor, Display Group provided a wide variety of seating, design and western-themed décor elements, and custom fabrication. Featured items included custom 3D props, various entrances and accent pieces that perfectly carried the theme throughout the venue. Lounge and banquet seating were also provided for guests at this noteworthy fundraising event.

Cattle Baron’s Ball 2017

Being a Detroit based company, Display Group takes prides in being involved in the community, the development of Detroit and participating in events that further help our city grow! Recently we partnered with Crain’s Detroit Business for the fourth annual Detroit Homecoming event on September 13th, 2017. View more event photos at the historic Michigan Central Station Preservation Society below!