Virtual events have been all the rage over the past couple years, and with good reason. 

As the need to find alternative ways to host events for your organization increased, virtual events gained in popularity as a way to safely reach a much wider audience by harnessing the power of live presentations, video content, and other media forms. These virtual events allowed businesses and organizations to stay in touch with their potential audiences, even when the idea of in-person gatherings was off the table, and remain a convenient and popular option even when live, in-person events started to become a viable option again.

Despite this popularity, however, a lot of businesses still have lingering questions about whether or not virtual events are the right fit for them. Maybe they don’t know what types of virtual events they can run, maybe they’re not sure how to get started hosting their first virtual event, or maybe they’re just not sure if it’s applicable to their business and goals.

More businesses can benefit from virtual events than you might initially expect – all it takes is an understanding of your audience, an understanding of your goals, and a little imagination! Here are a few examples of businesses that should consider hosting virtual events in 2022, and what kind of events they might benefit most from:

Two chefs talking in kitchen during cooking event livestream

Virtual Event Ideas for Different Types of Businesses


Local non-profit organizations

Community-based non-profit organizations have gained a lot of popularity and visibility over the past few years as citizens of all ages work to become more community-minded and try to make the world around them a little better place to live. Sadly, a lot of their efforts were curtailed over the past few years, as the pandemic made a lot of their typical outreach or fundraising efforts impossible. 

That’s why community nonprofits are the perfect candidates for hosting a virtual fundraiser! Virtual events offer plenty of opportunities to solicit donations and continue your community outreach, all while broadcasting safely from the comfort of a remote location and allowing your guests to contribute their donations online. Even if it feels a little different than the old ‘hitting the streets’ approach, you’ll be surprised how responsive your audience can be!

Local restaurants

Restaurants tend to feel a little left-out of the virtual world due to the fact that their products tend to be something you need to enjoy in-person. During the pandemic, however, many restaurants were able to turn to virtual cooking classes and tasting parties to help draw more eyes to their business, even if you were operating at reduced capacity or unable to operate at all for a time!

Many restaurants have found success by offering small kits containing the ingredients for one of their signature dishes and live-streaming a cooking class to teach your customers how to make it at home. If you’d rather not spill the proverbial beans on your award-winning recipe, why not put together a little sampler kit of some of your favorite recipes, deliver it to your customers’ houses, and host a virtual tasting party where you explain the best drink pairings and go into the history of each recipe with your guests from a distance? A lot of food retailers saw great success with these approaches over the pandemic, and a lot of guests will still be happy to see them.

Retail businesses 

Speaking of, you don’t have to make all your food in-house to get in on the virtual event fun. A lot of retailers have turned to virtual events or simulcasts to help expand their reach to a new audience, or expose their current customers to new products or offerings they might not have tried otherwise.

If you deal in clothing, you could host a virtual show to model a few of your newest pieces (or highlight some things you’re about to be cutting prices on so you can clear the way for new inventory). If you’re more of an apothecary, you could sell gift sets of related products (grooming products, facial and hand lotions, etc) and livestream your team explaining the benefits of each one and demonstrating their use. Just because your customers can’t come to your store as often as you’d like, doesn’t mean you still can’t reach out to them!

Software developers/digital media creators

Of course, the idea of showing off your products becomes a little more difficult when they’re less tangible, but you can still host events to show off your wares!

Anyone working in the digital space, such as software developers, digital marketers, video producers, and the like can still leverage virtual events to help get your name and products out there. Consider your virtual event to be something of a product reveal – create some footage and slides demonstrating what your team can do and how they’ve been successful in the past, and use it to highlight a specific avenue or product your business offers. It’s a great way to make industry connections and stay in touch with the exact audience you could consider to be future clients, 

Business development/financial institutions

You don’t have to run your own business to get involved with virtual events. Business development organizations and financial institutions can also benefit from a variety of virtual events, whether to spread awareness of their services or to help raise money for further local business ventures. 

Your events could include a livestream sent out to various local business owners (or potential entrepreneurs) to demonstrate the ways you could help their business, a webinar covering specific challenges faced by businesses in your area, or a fundraiser to help raise money for your ongoing efforts, or to donate to related business charities and programs in your area.

One way or another, whatever your business or group may specialize in, there’s a virtual event out there to help you connect with your customers and reach new heights, even in times where in-person events seem unlikely. If you need the perfect virtual event space to plan your next big virtual event, or if you need help brainstorming the ideal event for your business, contact Display Group today.

Virtual fundraisers have become all the rage lately – and with good reason!

Even as in-person events slowly begin to trickle back over time, many organizations saw the convenience and availability of virtual fundraising events as a great way to keep in touch with their supporters and find ways to raise money, even without needing to (or being able to) schedule a big in-person gala like we used to.

As a result, the need for virtual fundraising won’t be going anywhere into 2022, and if your organization hasn’t held one before, now is the perfect time to try them out. Virtual events of all kinds are  a great way to stay in touch with your community, bring your teams together in new ways, and engage your donors like never before, even if they’re not physically with you at the event.

Best of all, hosting a virtual fundraising event isn’t as difficult as you think it might be!

What is a virtual fundraiser?

Virtual fundraisers, true to their name, are a fundraising event held completely online. While your team may be present in an event studio or other location to broadcast to your guests and potential donors, generally speaking, the actual audience is watching remotely from their phone, TV, or smart device without having to be physically present at the event. (There are some exceptions to this, such as hybrid fundraising events, which combine virtual and in-person aspects, but we’ll get more into that later.)

Virtual fundraisers can take many forms, but the aim is always the same – virtually hosted events where the guests can still donate money and contribute to your cause and organization, without having to actually be there. The rise in services like YouTube and PayPal have made hosting these events easier than ever, and nonprofit/charitable organizations the world over have turned to virtual fundraisers to help them continue to raise money, even in these uncertain times where in-person events may not be a viable option for every attendee.

What are some different types of virtual fundraisers?

There’s a lot of different virtual fundraisers out there, each of them more suitable for certain nonprofits and organizations than others. A few of the most popular types include:

Virtual auctions: Similar to the auctions typically held by nonprofit organizations, but with the added twist of being completely virtual, allowing attendees to bid on these items online.

Cooking classes: A fun way to engage your audience and encourage participation is to host an online cooking class or mixology class, and create different price tiers to allow audience involvement (such as allowing a Q&A with your guest chef after the event) while they prepare their food or drinks at home.

Exercise classes: Similarly, you could enlist the help of a local fitness buff to help your attendees learn new yoga techniques, or just learn how to do push-ups the right way for once, with different donation levels receiving different benefits or add-ons during the course.

Virtual galas: Of course, not every fundraising event needs to be a learning experience – why not help your guests unwind by providing the attendees with drinks and hors d’oeuvres delivered right to their home, encourage some formal wear, and have everyone meet up virtually while you solicit donations? It’s all the fun of an old-fashioned gala, without anyone having to leave the house!

Of course, there’s also hybrid fundraising events. Hybrid fundraisers, true to their name, are events that combine virtual and in-person aspects; imagine an auction where guests can bid on the items online alongside the in-person bidding, or an in-person gala where people unable to attend can still donate money online in exchange for a digital attendance to the event. 

These events can take many forms, and different organizations will benefit from different approaches!

How can I run a virtual fundraising event?

While planning a virtual fundraiser isn’t much different from planning a traditional, in-person event, there’s still a lot that can go into it, depending on the event you’re trying to run!

Understand why you’re hosting this event

Even if your fundraisers have moved to an online platform, you still need to have a strong goal and endgame in mind for your event. Why are you organizing this event? Are you trying to raise money for your organization, or raise money for a specific cause? Do you have a financial goal to reach? Can you compensate for the perceived ‘lower value’ of online events, even if your operating costs are much lower due to the event’s virtual nature? These are all important questions to ask before moving forward, and can help you better understand your goals and needs over time.

Define your target audience

Once you understand your goals and aims with this event, finding out your target audience will be key. Online events can reach a much broader audience, both demographically and geographically, but understanding exactly who to appeal to will be key in attracting guests and making your fundraiser as successful as possible. Don’t neglect things like age ranges, time zones, or even upcoming holidays when you schedule your event and try to reach the demographics you need to!

Create a budget and agenda

Once your event goals are defined, you’ll need to figure out how much money you can feasibly spend to attain them, and then plan the evening’s festivities accordingly. By setting an agenda early on in the planning process, you can better define what you want your event to accomplish and better accommodate for snags or changes of plan along the way, which is always preferable to just making it up as you go, right?

Find the right streaming platform and broadcasting space

Depending on your level of technological inclination, this may be a more challenging step, but an important one for any online event to take. By understanding what sort of platform you’ll be using to stream your event (Zoom, YouTube, a private platform), you’ll better understand your technological requirements and get an idea of how to prepare for the big day.

The same can be said for broadcasting spaces – your event will still need a space that can handle the actual broadcasting or ‘virtual’ part of the event, even if you don’t exactly need to rent out a ballroom downtown for everyone to mingle in. Your organization will need to locate an event broadcasting space that can handle the streaming duties of the live portions of your event, whether it’s the aforementioned auctions or cooking classes, or just someone playing ‘party host’ as the donations trickle in. This goes double for the internet connection – you’ll need to make sure that your space has a strong enough internet connection to broadcast the event, and a plan in the event of dropped connections or other issues. (Our event space Bldg22 has a backup internet connection for just such an occasion, for example.)

Have fun!

Above all else, just try to have a good time with it! Your energy will be infectious to your guests and attendees, even if they’re not there, and keeping things light will make it all the more enjoyable for you, your crew, and your guests. After all, isn’t that the goal of these sorts of events, even above and beyond the fundraising?

If you’re looking to plan your own virtual fundraiser, contact Display Group to learn more about our event supply rentals and other resources for your event!

Virtual events have become a hot topic when it comes to event planning over the last two years, and they haven’t shown any signs of slowing down. 

Businesses and organizations of all types and sizes have been relying on virtual events to spread the word about new products and services, raise money for charitable causes, or just help their employees get together more to celebrate an achievement even without returning to the office.

So, by now, if you haven’t run a virtual event for your group or business, you’re probably considering one. Of course, the first question many people ask is…where the heck do I start?

Hosting your own virtual event isn’t nearly as intimidating as it looks – you just need a clear plan and the right event supplies!

How To Host Your First Virtual Event


Create a goal for your event

As it is with planning, well, anything, your first virtual event should start by defining a goal. What are you trying to accomplish with your event? Are you hoping to increase awareness of a product or service, or just expand to a broader audience? Is your event business-related or just for fun? Knowing exactly what you want to do ahead of time will make all the difference when it comes time to plan the finer details.

Find the type of virtual event that best meets your needs and goals

While it may feel like there’s a lot of different types of virtual events out there, a lot of them can be boiled down into a few main categories, including:

Once you’ve decided on the perfect type of event for what you want to accomplish, the planning stages will be that much easier!

Find a platform

This can be a little trickier if you’re not the most technologically savvy, but finding the right platform to host your event can make all the difference when it comes to your guests being able to easily access and view your event. Especially if you’re hoping for additional features such as chat or video replay, this could impact the platform you choose to host your event. Check around to make sure you can find a hosting platform that meets your needs and will be easy for your potential guests to use and enjoy – it might be as simple as Youtube, or it could be as complex as a more private, customized solution.

Put a team together

Try as you might, going it alone is going to be more frustrating than anything, and even if you were trying to keep some aspects of your event a secret, you’ll need to have some help to get it all going. Find some teammates who you can delegate tasks to – someone who can schedule the various parts of your event, someone who can handle the technological side, someone who can round up all the event rentals you’ll need, and so on. When it’s all said and done, you’ll be glad to have their help!

Find the right studio

Odds are, most people reading this don’t have access to a broadcasting space that can handle the requirements of a virtual event, no matter what type of event you’re planning to hold. Your living room might work for the occasional Microsoft Teams meeting, but for something like this you might want to go a little bigger!

Take a look around your area and try to find a virtual event studio that can accommodate your needs, both space-wise and equipment-wise, to make sure your message is seen by all your attendees with as little headache (or dropped connections!) as possible. This goes double for your internet connection – running an event like this requires a lot of stable upload bandwidth, and your facilities will need a top-shelf internet connection to prevent any interruptions or sudden drops in quality during your live stream. Make sure your studio can offer a backup internet connection (like the kind we offer here at Bldg22!) that can carry the weight of your stream in the event of an issue, ensuring the show goes on.

After this, all there is to do is…hold the event! Your guests will be happy to see what you’re unveiling, your team will be happy to see each other again, and when it’s all over, you’ll be glad you did it.

(Of course, if you have any lingering questions or needs for your event, you could always contact Display Group to answer any questions or help you plan your event!)

The holidays are coming up soon, and for many of us, that means we need to start planning our holiday parties – both at home and at work!

After the online-only environments we were all subjected to back in 2020, a lot of workplaces are starting to return to some sense of normality and holding in-person holiday events again. Even if your team is still spread out and working remotely, a lot of people are excited for the chance to hobnob with their teams and get a little more into the holiday spirit after taking a year off. 

Of course, not every worker is comfortable with the idea – or, in cases of remote work, even able to attend these events in the first place, so not everyone is completely saying goodbye to virtual office parties & corporate events. 

With that in mind, we’ve pulled together a list of holiday party ideas for teams both near and far, for however you want to ring in the holiday season!

In-Person Company Holiday Party Ideas


Themed parties

By now, everyone at work is pretty used to showing up in their nicest tie and enjoying dinner with the rest of their team – but what if everyone had to show up in Hawaiian shirts, or suddenly the hall you rented was decked out like old Hollywood? 

Even if you’re sticking with the traditional “cocktails and hors devours” setup, a good themed backdrop for your holiday event can really shake up the mood, particularly if the theme matches your industry, or a big achievement your company saw over the years. With the right event theme decor, you can make your next holiday party one they’ll be talking about until the next one – or even the one after that.

Looking for ideas for a holiday party theme? Here are some good ones to spark some inspiration:

Community outreach

Volunteer work has been growing in popularity amongst companies of all sizes over the past 10-15 years, and workers from local businesses of all types have been seen volunteering their time at community events, various shelters and kitchens, and the like. If your business has been getting more involved with the community lately, why not tie it into your holiday event?

There’s plenty of ways to do this that could tie in with the usual holiday shindigs – you could ask for donations of toys or non-perishable foods when your employees arrive, for example. Or, if you’re really in the giving spirit of the holidays, you could take your team to volunteer firsthand for a few hours at a local soup kitchen or shelter, with everyone getting dinner and drinks at the venue of your choice afterwards. It could help build a sense of community engagement amongst your employees, and who knows – maybe they’ll like it so much they’ll go volunteer even without the promise of dinner and drinks.

Local food trucks

Of course, no holiday party is truly complete without food, right? Instead of limiting your choices to a single restaurant or catering service, why not expose your team to the local tastes of food trucks and other carts from around the city you call home. All you need are a few food trucks of various delicacies (particularly for anyone on your team with an alternative diet), some rental event furniture for everyone to sit and enjoy their meals, and bonus points if your event is somewhere warm enough to eat outside during the holiday season.

Virtual Holiday Event Ideas


Opening acts/entertainment

Even if your team can’t be together in person, they can all get together to enjoy the same events. With the right virtual event broadcasting space, your team can gather around the device of their choice and enjoy a set from a local band, or a performance from a stand-up comedian before breaking out to chat amongst themselves from a distance. (It could also be a great way to sneak in a big rousing speech celebrating the work they’ve all done over the past year, if you’re the sort for speeches!)

Breakout rooms

No one likes the huge virtual party where everyone awkwardly stares at their screens and three or four people command the conversation. After opening remarks and acknowledgements, spend some time sending attendees to breakout rooms before bringing everyone back together. Most virtual meeting platforms now have functionality to pair people off into breakout chat rooms where conversation can actually happen amongst smaller groups of people, instead of trying to be heard above the din of the main group chat. Use shared interests to group people in breakout rooms (travel enthusiasts, sports fans, movie buffs, etc.), create groups based on teams who don’t work together often, or just create the rooms at random to help your team get to know each other better.

At home wine & cheese tasting

These days, it’s easier than ever for your team to all enjoy the same things, even if you can only see each other over Zoom. Many local stores and restaurants have begun to offer virtual cheese tastings, wine classes, cocktail parties, and the like by arranging to deliver the needed supplies to each of your team members’ homes, or just providing a gift card and a shopping list for them to acquire it themselves. 

From there, you can schedule a time for a live presenter to take everyone through the various food and drinks provided to them, explaining each one and helping them enjoy it more thoroughly than before. Who knows – it just might turn some of your teammates into cheese experts!

Quiz night

Finally, few things can bring teams together – even in competition – than a good quiz night. Divide your guests into smaller teams, nominate a host for the evening, and pick a few themed questions for different rounds. Bonus points if you whip up a slideshow to share on Teams while you go through the questions for visual aids – take a little inspiration from the last quiz game you played at the bar and have fun with it!

Plan Your Holiday Party


No matter what you decide to do for a holiday party, either in person or virtually, contact Display Group for any event planning or rental needs you may have!

The idea of planning a wedding conjures images of dresses, tuxes, rings, flowers, and everything in between. Here at Display Group, one image we want to help with is the Design of your wedding. Our in-house expert designers thought about the trends we’ll see down the aisle and at the party in 2020.

Now, we want to warn you ahead of time, our designers Jamie Pecina and Arghavan Ebrahami were somewhat split on the design trends for 2020.


When it comes to colors, a new year and a new decade means new opportunities to lean into color beyond the pastels and jewel tones that are typically found at weddings.

“Keep an eye on the Pantone color of the year, that will really dictate the trends,” said Jamie Pecina. “Regardless, I think we’ll start to see a lot more mod tones with a mid-century vibe.”

Easing into neutrals and color-blocking seems to be a trend that both designers agree on.

“We see more couples starting to use a bohemian design which is easier to execute for DIY celebrations. I think we’ll see more neutrals and earth tones complimented with greenery.”

In a sharp left from neutrals, Jamie sees another bright trend being incorporated more into weddings and celebrations.

“I think this will be a big year for neon – whether it be signs or accents throughout the space. I’d love to see couples go for more brighter and bolder colors to really saturate the space.”

When it comes to all aspects of color for your wedding – don’t be afraid to step outside tradition! Especially when it comes to your crew standing by your side. More brides are breaking from the tradition of having all bridesmaids wearing the same colors and instead wearing coordinated colors.


A lot of venues have their own décor in-house, and some historic venues don’t even need much on the walls. At Display Group, we want you to know there are many options to choose from beyond flowers and chargers. Both designers agree less is more when it comes to centerpieces.

“You really can’t go wrong with some greenery and white pillar candles. Using eucalyptus or olive branches running through the center of the table can still be really luxurious while also being minimal and sustainable. You can even preserve the branches afterwards and repurpose them for the holidays,” says Jamie.

“And to keep in the theme of keeping your wedding sustainable, you can repurpose items as décor, such as glass bottles or pieces of wood,” Arghavan said.

While the center of the table might be more minimal, other aspects can be more above and beyond. It sounds crazy, but more couples are incorporating personal branding into their celebration. For some, it can be as in-depth as creating your own wedding logo or it can be as simple as finding a captivating font for your initials. Don’t worry, our design team can assist with creating logos or emblems that can be used in custom printing for paper goods, backdrops, or even gobos for lighting.

“I think audio and video should be used really intelligently for weddings. Lighting can really become a décor element as well as being used to provide cues to dictate the flow of the event. For instance, you can keep it ambient during the cocktail hour and then dim the lights to guide people to their seats. Then when the couple enters you can incorporate colors to get the party going. I’ve even seen venues turn the house lights off and use up-lighting throughout the space during dancing to completely transform the vibe,” Jamie advises.

Other things that can bring a wow factor through décor may be right above your head!

“You can suspend items from above, use chicken wire and Edison bulbs with flowers to focus on having less on the table and more in the space,” Jamie suggests.

From the floor to the ceiling and everything in between, there are multiple items in our inventory that can become focal points throughout the space for guests to take photos and give them a chic place to lounge. Our Candy, Julep, or Colin sofas are lush, comfortable, and provide extra seating for your guests beyond the dinner setting.

Even if your overall theme is more subdued, you can still create interactive spaces that pop throughout the venue. So many photos are taken at weddings, from the photographers to the guests, and there are easy ways for you to give guests a fun and photogenic moment at your celebration. Our champagne wall or interactive drink wall would be perfect for this!

Another trend on the uptick for weddings? Using different tables!

Jamie: “Couples are using less rounds and more long tables to encourage more communal dining. It’s much more inclusive when the space is set up that way.”

Jamie: “Depending on the size of your wedding, the smaller your dance floor – the fuller it looks. It’s more likely that people will get up and dance. Having a smaller dance floor can make your dancing feel more intimate. And I don’t think guests will complain. If people want to dance, they don’t need a large dance floor!”

Unique Ideas

Our designers lit up with unique ideas for couples this year, here are our favorites listed below!

Arghavan: “When people are planning their wedding, one thing that always seems to come forth is how unique they want to be. And really, you can take that creative touch and add it to the smaller details of your wedding to set your celebration apart from others.”

We’ve mentioned before our commitment to sustainability and its importance for events. It does seem that sustainable weddings and green weddings will continue to be a trend in 2020. As couples upcycle more items and opt for glassware over plasticware, it will be good for couples and good for the planet.

Jamie: “I’ve seen clients use edible centerpieces. Instead of buying a massive cake and paying for the cake cutting, couples will have small cakes or desserts in the center of the table so guests can help themselves to desserts as soon as they’re done eating dinner.”

Arghavan: “Or! You can bring in a donut wall or the champagne wall in our inventory.”

In terms of being unique for a wedding, one term that both designers agreed on is being CREATIVE.

Arghavan: “There are places and items in a wedding that can have a real creative and unique touch to them. The gift table, the memorial table, the favors – if you really pay attention to those details and give them a creative touch you can create an activation station for your guests before they even begin the reception.”

Jamie: “I’ve started to see people fold in other cultures in the reception or ceremony to make it more diverse. You can combine personal touches of culture with western traditions.”

We’ve all been to our fair share of weddings, and most of us with nosy relatives are all too aware of the judgment that can come with planning a wedding. Our designers have one final piece of advice for you.

Jamie: “When it comes to weddings, honestly, just remember to keep it very personal and focus on the things that are important to you. When I got married, I wanted a great photographer, great food, and I wanted WOW moments in the space. At the end of the day, it is about YOU and your significant other and you both get to pick and choose where you are spending your money.”

Arghavan: “However you’re doing it, whether you’re planning everything on your own or hiring a planner, just enjoy the process. Don’t stress out on the little things that no one else knows about. Your guests don’t know the difference between what was planned and what was executed, so they’ll enjoy it as much as you.”

We know you have plenty of choices when it comes to planning your big day. We hope you’ll consider Display Group as a vendor partner and contact us today!

In our latest effort to further divide the nation and create super clickbait headlines, we consulted our in-house expert designers for their opinions on wedding trends they could do without. The results were mixed, controversial, and ruthless. When it comes to your choice in 2020, you aren’t choosing a political party…you’re choosing whether or not to use Mason Jars for your wedding.

“I know this is a really bold statement, but I think we need to be done with MASON JARS! There’s a time and a place for them, but what was a cool ‘DIY’ craft has turned into an almost cheap vibe. I’m not saying you have to write off DIY completely, but there are so many cool resources out there that will accomplish what a Mason Jar does but in an elevated way,” says Display Group Designer Jamie Pecina.

“What?! I like Mason Jars! I think the bohemian vibe is still really fun,” counters Designer Arghavan Ebrahami.

Here are some of the other trends our designers would like to go away. Be warned, sometimes it feels like they are going after every part in a wedding!

Using Friends & Family as Staff: “Spend the extra money for the help you need. It really pays off because you get to enjoy the day! Display Group will set up everything and make sure it’s all in place and then will tear it down! Your friends and family are there for you and celebrate you, they aren’t there to be staff,” Jamie said.

Elevated Head Tables: “I think head tables are overrated. It’s just a bit too old school. It almost feels like the couple is on display and people are watching them eat. There are better ways to execute a head table and inclusive seating,” Jamie suggests. Our inventory has a ton of different options for tables, both round and rectangle!

Boring Food Service: “It’s time to elevate and get creative in serving your food. You can still be cost effective without relying on a buffet. There are strolling dinner stations or even family style if you want to keep your guests seated. I love the idea of using food trucks too,” says Arghavan. Our team of designers can put together a great pipe and drape display for your food stations and completely transform the room.

Covering the Venue in Burlap: “Let’s be honest. Burlap had its moment and I get it. It’s easily accessible, affordable, and moldable. It has a nice texture, and can be quite nice in moderation. But I wouldn’t count Burlap as a color and there are dyed options where you can still get the texture while getting a different color,” Jamie says.

Bad Music and Bad Audiovisual: “Ugh, bad music and bad a/v totally kills the vibe of a party. People will remember if your DJ sucked or if there were issues with the sound. I know choosing music is very personal and polarizing, but a good DJ can read the room and a good sound system with good lighting can both be things that everyone will appreciate,” says Arghavan. Our in-house a/v partner, AVL Creative, are complete experts when it comes to flawless lighting and sound for your special day.

It isn’t all bad, and it isn’t all negative. After our designers finished ranting about poor lighting and burlap table runners, we encouraged them to think about the timeless and classic trends that shouldn’t be forgotten. They’re traditions for a reason!

Something Old, Something New, Something Borrowed, Something Blue: “I love seeing how people can incorporate this. It’s a good way to bring in memories and sentiments and I just love seeing different interpretations,” Jamie says.

Stun from Head to Toe: “Keep the veil! I love a veil,” says Arghavan. Jamie agrees: “Veils are just gorgeous! And if you don’t want a veil you can still have a beautiful headpiece like a floral crown or even a brooch crown. It’s your wedding, put something in your hair!”

Picture Perfect: “I love seeing the transformations we’ve gotten with photo booths over the years. They’ve really turned into full interactive displays and experiences for your guests,” Jamie added. If you want a different backdrop for your photo booth, our inventory has a backdrop matching virtually any theme.

Seriously, Remember the Pictures: “There’s a lot of emphasis on having good photos and a good photographer, but I remind my clients to bring in fresh flowers for the elements that are photographed the most. We’ve seen more sustainable ways to incorporate decorations, but I still think there should be fresh flowers in the bride’s bouquet, the entryway, and the altar; basically, anything that’s going to have a lot of pictures taken of it,” Jamie concludes. “Yes, there’s just something about fresh flowers and everything they bring in pictures and in person,” Arghavan agrees.

For weddings, the party lines have been drawn. When you decide who you want to choose to be a part of your big day, we hope you choose Display Group as a vendor partner. Call us today – we promise not to judge if you want to use Mason Jars!

You’ve found your person. You’ve said yes. You’ve shed some tears. And now it’s time to get married! For some, the tears don’t stop there! Doesn’t it seem like wedding planning is getting more stressful and more EXPENSIVE every year?

Well, you’re not alone in thinking that. reported the average cost of a wedding has increased to $44,000 and we don’t see that number decreasing any time soon. From our years of working with couples, it seems like this increased cost has led to increased pressure on couples to take on an extremely personal and expensive production with their wedding.

At Display Group, we know you have numerous options when choosing vendor partners for a wedding. When you choose us, we’re able to take out so much of the hard work. Account Executive Todd Villeneuve, someone with close to 20 years of experience, has seen a LOT of different weddings over the years. Here are some of his tips when it comes to planning your big day.

“Book the venue and the band first. For us, at Display Group, we can service multiple weddings in the same weekend. But there is only one of that unique venue or band that you want and can make your event special.”

When it comes to choosing a venue, there are a ton of options for different aesthetics and price points. It all depends on what you want and what you can afford. Some venues will be more expensive but will have more services included. Some venues will be more budget-friendly but you’ll be required to bring in everything from furniture and décor, to kitchen supplies and tabletop items.

Like we mentioned before, weddings can get really expensive! And with wanting to plan something unforgettable, your wants and fantasies can really add up! Todd has a partial solution to get around that.

“Be realistic. Pick three things that matter to you the most. For me, if I were to do it all again, it would be the band, the lighting, and the venue. Figure out your total costs for those major things. Then, see what you have leftover for all of the other areas of need and you can sacrifice in other areas to get the three things you truly want.”

To really make your wedding unforgettable, use the resources of the web! Have you heard of Pinterest? Have you visited our Pinterest page? There are a ton of wonderful ideas there to create something memorable for you and your guests.

When it comes to your budget, Display Group can work with a variety of budget levels to give you the unforgettable experience you deserve with our wedding rentals. In our one-stop shop, we can provide you everything from tenting options to furniture rental to décor themes and even a/v services! Knowing that you don’t have to integrate 5 different vendors to make your dream day happen will take a load of stress off of couples and planners/designers. Just be aware, creating something unforgettable often comes with an unforgettable price tag. At Display Group, we excel in taking your inspiration and getting you a touch of that realm that will fit into your budget.

And while much of the wedding industry is focused on brides and grooms, at Display Group, everyone is welcome!

“My favorite thing about LGBTQ+ weddings are that there is often a greater willingness to go outside of the box to have a great event that is not constrained by all of the traditional rules or standards. That alone helps them to be more unique and memorable for all of the guests.”

Contact us today to plan something unforgettable – we can’t wait to be a part of your special day!