Summer is here! With warmer temperatures and longer nights, Display Group has the perfect pieces to stylize summer soirees with our summer event rentals. Vibrant, fun accent pieces mixed with sleek furniture, cooling agents and pops of color create an inviting outdoor event atmosphere. These summer events must-haves will help guests enjoy the outdoor events in the coolest way possible.

Refurnished Wood Plank Bar

New to the DG collection, this custom creation is a striking addition to any outdoor event.

Solid Sofa and Chair, Ecru

With sleek lines and neutral color, the Solid Sofa and Chair in Ecru can be paired with decorative pillows for comfortable
and stylish seating.

Decorative Vases

Placing a variety of shapes and sizes of decorative vases and accent pieces will add color and interest throughout your event.

Fans and Misters

Want to really keep guests cool as the temperatures rise? DG has fans and misters that ensure guests are kept comfortable as they enjoy the event.


Functional and fun, DG’s wide variety of decorative event pillows are perfect for adding the finishing touches to your summer get-together!


Umbrellas offer shade and additional pops of color to your event – DG has a wide variety of colors and styles!

String Lighting

Add beautiful accent lighting to your event with DG’s Edison Bulb Light Strings.

Display Group’s Event Producer Kacy Irwin takes sleek industrial style and provides a contrast with rustic furniture and décor. Natural elements combined with metals brings the outdoors in while giving guests a eclectic atmosphere. Rustic pallet tables, which can be used for food or bar service, are accented by hanging metal and wood orbs of various sizes.

For lounge seating, Irwin uses Display Group’s leather and metal Aviator side chairs. Metal Olympia cocktail tables are paired with metal and wood Twin Peaks stools for guests to mingle around in pre-and post-event space.

Guests will be delighted to dine at Irwin’s picturesque table design. Comprised of wood and metal, Haight Ashbury dining table is united with Elios dining chairs, specialty linens and napkins. Interested in this design or want to see more of our options rustic industrial décor options? Contact Display Group today to make these elements part of your next event!

Inspired by the pictured mirrored geometric hallway, Display Group’s Event Producer Kacy Irwin took a futuristic approach to April’s event inspiration board. For the focal point, Kacy uses the 6.5’ diameter mirrored disco ball enhanced by custom colored up-lighting for a colorful, reflective atmosphere. Another featured piece included in Irwin’s event board is a custom geometric horse made by Display Group’s in-house design studio.

Continuing with the chic glittered geometric look, Irwin uses one of the newest additions to Display Groups inventory, the metallic Lancaster bench. Recently added to the collection, the metallic Lancaster line is a gorgeous silver tufted line that includes ottomans, sofa corners and middle pieces. When paired together, the Lancaster line provides swanky seating for any event venue. For additional guest seating, modern high and low top tables are paired with chrome stools and Marzipan dining chairs.

To complete the look, Irwin uses custom geometric graphics on illuminated aluminum bars. Display Group’s customizable Morgan shelving is placed around the event space to offer height and additional space for displays or bar/food stations. Final touches include gorgeous luxe textured pillows for a stylish textured accent.

Interested in having this look at your next event? Contact Display Group for any of the featured pieces!


As the process of conceiving an event starts, no matter what kind of event it is, there’s a simple step any event planner can take to amp up the RoI of that event, no matter how that return is defined. This one mental exercise can improve the impact your event has on its audience/guests enormously as long as you do it at the very beginning of the planning process.

Think like someone attending your event.

That might sound like a no-brainer, a triviality that is part and parcel of planning every event, but you’d be amazed at how many event planners and event designers focus their events entirely on the agenda of their client — the family or group putting on the event. In the end, though, the single factor that determines the success of an event isn’t the agenda…it’s the impact that the event had on the attendees.

Who Are Your Attendees?
What do your attendees, on average, do all day? What kind of media do they consume? What are their typical dilemmas? What makes them feel comfortable? Excited? Weary? Get into the heads of your ‘target guest,’ and implement the Golden Rule: treat them the way you would want to be treated in their shoes. If you’re planning a charity dinner, ask yourself how
you would like to be plied for donations. Go negative on yourself, too — if you’re planning a team-building exercise, ask yourself what corny, overused jokes would make you wince.

Building Emotion
There are four major interactions with each event that are the primary opportunities to build emotion in your attendees:

Each of these four moments, ideally, will be planned out before the event begins — and while no event ever goes exactly as planned, having those plans in place will ensure that your event has an impact on your attendees. Think about those moments from the perspective of your attendees, and design them to maximize emotion.

When you come at an event from the perspective of a guest, you naturally design an event that you would want to be a part of — and unless you’re an extremely unusual individual, chances are most of your actual attendees will want to be a part of it, too.