Train Station Corporate Dinner

Our client asked us to create an elegant event for 500 VIP’s in the long-neglected Michigan Central Train Station.

Our task was to celebrate the classic architecture of the space, but add a modern twist. Guests were greeted by a large baroque bar with a custom bar back display.  Cocktail tables were finished with a matching graphic to carry the baroque theme throughout the space. Custom faceted urns were fabricated and finished with period palms to soften the edges, while rich sofas and silver deco chairs provided guests with an elegant stop to rest.  Stanchions helped guide guests to the elevator to tour one of the unfinished upper floors. The elevator was wrapped with graphic images of the stations glory days, teasing guests to visualize what’s possible. Finally, guests were seated in the dining area at large silver and white acrylic communal tables with classic looking chivari chairs with a crystal finish.  Apparently, Ford Motor Company liked what they saw, and have purchased the station for their new mobility center.