6 Cannabis Industry Events & Conferences

Posted on March 22,2021 at 4:29 pm +00:00

Let’s play a game of word association. If we say “cannabis events” what comes to mind first? Maybe you’ve attended or heard of a marijuana trade show or cannabis convention type of event, where you can peruse the booths shopping for paraphernalia, CBD products or apparel. Or maybe your idea of a cannabis event is enjoying a joint around your backyard firepit.

 If you haven’t checked out weed events lately, your mind’s about to be blown. Pretty much any event or industry you can imagine now has a cannabis angle to it. And lots of them have found a way to maintain and even increase their audience by producing virtual cannabis industry events during the pandemic. 

Would you believe that cannabis is becoming more mainstream in professional sports? Here at Display Group and AVL Creative we produced, in our on-site studio, a roundtable-type interview show for Jars Cannabis.  NBA player Al Harrington, founder of the popular Viola brand of cannabis, was interviewed and gave his perspective on how Cannabis is slowly gaining acceptance in professional sports. According to Harrington, the NBA gave the green light for players to use cannabis while they were “in the bubble” during the Covid quarantine. He even suggested that cannabis industry sponsorships in professional sports might not be too far into the future. He had plenty of interesting things to say. There’s a link on their website. You can watch the whole show:  https://jarscannabis.com/jars-roundtable-al-harrington-viola-labs/

Check out these great examples of mainstream industries ingeniously incorporating the cannabis market to creatively increase and promote to their audiences.  

*The Cannabis Music Festival in Lansing, Michigan celebrates the legalization of recreational marijuana featuring well-known musical entertainers and DJs.  https://nationalcannabisfestival.com/concert

*Westword publication was the first publication to have a marijuana critic and is now sponsoring a fashion-related event called High Style that “fuses cannabis inspired fashion, education and wellness into one event”. https://www.westword.com/marijuana/high-style-westwords-cannabis-inspired-fusion-of-fashion-wellness-education-11543082 

*The marijuana advocacy group Le’Or sponsored a Cannabis Seder in Portland, Oregon which is helping them create “an honest Jewish conversation about topics we were taught were strictly taboo – about drugs, race, and justice.” https://www.jta.org/2015/04/14/culture/marijuana-seder

*The High Times publication now has a Michigan event called the Cannabis Cup where subscribers can order a “judge’s kit” that delivers a sampling of different types of cannabis products and the “judges” then send in an evaluation of their experiences. The winning sample in each category gets the Cannabis Cup. https://www.cannabiscup.com/michigan-2021/

*The first global event dedicated to the fast-growing cannabis edibles market is to be held in San Francisco and Chicago in the summer of 2021. The Cannabis Food Show will throw the spotlight on an industry that is now estimated to be worth over $1 billion in the US and Canada and could grow four times to be worth $4.1 billion in North America alone by 2022 (Source: ArcView/BDS Analytics).  https://cannabisfoodshow.com/

Closeup of tray holding cannabis plants on table with two nearby lighters

Now that the United States, and really the whole world, is taking cannabis more seriously as a healthy and helpful addition to our lifestyles, there’s no reason that it can’t be implemented in so many different types of industry events or conferences

We at Display Group and AVL have been hired to help produce several cannabis-centric events in Michigan and elsewhere throughout the United States. If you have questions or want ideas for your next live or virtual events, or if you just need some event rentals, contact us. We’d love to talk about it with you.