4 Virtual Holiday Party Ideas

Posted on December 7,2020 at 3:59 pm +00:00

Your company holiday party was on…then off…then on again…now off for good. Celebrating the holidays during COVID can be challenging. But just because you can’t gather in person doesn’t mean that you can’t have a memorable virtual holiday event filled with good cheer to celebrate your employees or clients. Bldg22, our unique virtual event broadcasting studio, is at your service to help you execute a virtual holiday office party to be remembered. And we make it so easy! 

Some of the things that you would normally do at your company event: 

– expressing to clients/ employees your appreciation

– conveying year-end sales data and other information

– distributing employee bonuses

Musician performing with acoustic guitar on chair inside virtual livestreaming studio

We can assist you to accomplish your goals while also adding a fun and merry twist. Here are 4 virtual holiday party ideas:

1 . The Awards Ceremony (mock or not) – poking some good-natured fun at each other can get everyone laughing and Studio DG is a master at awards shows. We even have giant awards statues and Hollywood themed party rentals to make your set look as professional as the Oscars.  Examples of awards could be: best (or worst) Zoom background, most (or least) tech savvy, the Bed Head award (person who obviously rolled straight out of the sheets to attend a virtual meeting), Crash the Party award (whose kid or spouse or pet awkwardly crashed your on-line meeting), the Snacker award (that coworker who is always eating while on screen). The possibilities are endless due to the unique personalities of your co-workers.

2. A Top Chef Event – Either send every employee the same four ingredients or a grocery gift card to buy the same four ingredients. They are then free to use or buy other ingredients to make something unique. Everyone can present what they made at your virtual event. You could do a similar event with paints or craft supplies. The fun is in seeing how each individual whipped up something distinctive.

3. Show Me The Money– who doesn’t love to win money! Use your virtual holiday parties to give away money to your employees. The giveaway can be used as an incentive for employees to participate by requiring attendees to be logged on and watching in order to win! There are countless creative ideas to put smiles on your attendees faces and cash in their pockets.

4. Talent Show or Entertainment – maybe you’d rather entertain your guests. Your attendees may have hidden talents to share or maybe a musician or comedian will engage your audience.


MacBook laptop showing feed of livestream event on counter in coffeeshop

Contact Display Group today! We’d love to brainstorm your next virtual holiday party. Our gears are always turning.