All in the DG Family – Nicoletta Sarris Wrubel

At Display Group, we are fortunate to have some of the best employees around. Introducing our All in the DG Family Series where we hope you’ll learn a little bit about the team. So far, you’ve met Niko SolomosDave DanielsonCheryl BehnkeLindsay Sowter, Taryn Branski, Garret Komatz, and Vivian McConnell. Continuing our series is the sweet Nicoletta Sarris! 

What is your name, title, and department? 

My name is Nicoletta Sarris Wrubel, my title is Fabricator/Artist, and assistant graphic designer. I am a part of the Creative department.

Explain your role at DG. 

My role at DG is constantly evolving, since I am in two departments, but sometimes they go hand in hand. In the graphics department, I assist/support whatever Ryan Nosis needs. In the shop I work with our team to help complete projects.

How long have you worked at DG?

I have been working at DG since July of 2017.

What was the most exciting project you worked on? Why? 

The most exciting project that I have worked on was the Migo’s stage set. Some of the projects we get to work on are with some really cool clients, and it was great to work on something so public. It was also a really big job that involved a lot of people in the shop. I liked working alongside everyone towards the finished product.

What was the most stressful project you worked on? Why? 

Isn’t everyone saying it’s the same as the most exciting? (Laughs) Of course their stage set was the most stressful, mainly because we used new techniques and there were so many parts that it was very time consuming.

What is the best piece of advice you have received in your career? 

The best piece of advice that I have received is to never stop learning. Especially working in the creative field, having a wide set of skills is very valuable and useful.

What is your favorite part about working at DG? 

My favorite part about working at DG is the people! Everyone here is so welcoming. I also love that every day here is different which keeps things exciting. And truly, DG itself is amazing, you can’t find very many companies that do what we do!

Where is your favorite place in Detroit to have a fun night out? 

I think it’s impossible to pick only 1 place in Detroit, the city has so much to offer. I do love either going to see a show, or to a gallery, plus you can always find somewhere good to eat not far away.