Wedding Trends We Want to Leave in 2019 (& Others that Shouldn’t be Forgotten)

In our latest effort to further divide the nation and create super clickbait headlines, we consulted our in-house expert designers for their opinions on wedding trends they could do without. The results were mixed, controversial, and ruthless. When it comes to your choice in 2020, you aren’t choosing a political party…you’re choosing whether or not to use Mason Jars for your wedding.

“I know this is a really bold statement, but I think we need to be done with MASON JARS! There’s a time and a place for them, but what was a cool ‘DIY’ craft has turned into an almost cheap vibe. I’m not saying you have to write off DIY completely, but there are so many cool resources out there that will accomplish what a Mason Jar does but in an elevated way,” says Display Group Designer Jamie Pecina.

“What?! I like Mason Jars! I think the bohemian vibe is still really fun,” counters Designer Arghavan Ebrahami.

Here are some of the other trends our designers would like to go away. Be warned, sometimes it feels like they are going after every part in a wedding!

Using Friends & Family as Staff: “Spend the extra money for the help you need. It really pays off because you get to enjoy the day! Display Group will set up everything and make sure it’s all in place and then will tear it down! Your friends and family are there for you and celebrate you, they aren’t there to be staff,” Jamie said.

Elevated Head Tables: “I think head tables are overrated. It’s just a bit too old school. It almost feels like the couple is on display and people are watching them eat. There are better ways to execute a head table and inclusive seating,” Jamie suggests. Our inventory has a ton of different options for tables, both round and rectangle!

Boring Food Service: “It’s time to elevate and get creative in serving your food. You can still be cost effective without relying on a buffet. There are strolling dinner stations or even family style if you want to keep your guests seated. I love the idea of using food trucks too,” says Arghavan. Our team of designers can put together a great pipe and drape display for your food stations and completely transform the room.

Covering the Venue in Burlap: “Let’s be honest. Burlap had its moment and I get it. It’s easily accessible, affordable, and moldable. It has a nice texture, and can be quite nice in moderation. But I wouldn’t count Burlap as a color and there are dyed options where you can still get the texture while getting a different color,” Jamie says.

Bad Music and Bad Audiovisual: “Ugh, bad music and bad a/v totally kills the vibe of a party. People will remember if your DJ sucked or if there were issues with the sound. I know choosing music is very personal and polarizing, but a good DJ can read the room and a good sound system with good lighting can both be things that everyone will appreciate,” says Arghavan. Our in-house a/v partner, AVL Creative, are complete experts when it comes to flawless lighting and sound for your special day.

It isn’t all bad, and it isn’t all negative. After our designers finished ranting about poor lighting and burlap table runners, we encouraged them to think about the timeless and classic trends that shouldn’t be forgotten. They’re traditions for a reason!

Something Old, Something New, Something Borrowed, Something Blue: “I love seeing how people can incorporate this. It’s a good way to bring in memories and sentiments and I just love seeing different interpretations,” Jamie says.

Stun from Head to Toe: “Keep the veil! I love a veil,” says Arghavan. Jamie agrees: “Veils are just gorgeous! And if you don’t want a veil you can still have a beautiful headpiece like a floral crown or even a brooch crown. It’s your wedding, put something in your hair!”

Picture Perfect: “I love seeing the transformations we’ve gotten with photo booths over the years. They’ve really turned into full interactive displays and experiences for your guests,” Jamie added. If you want a different backdrop for your photo booth, our inventory has a backdrop matching virtually any theme.

Seriously, Remember the Pictures: “There’s a lot of emphasis on having good photos and a good photographer, but I remind my clients to bring in fresh flowers for the elements that are photographed the most. We’ve seen more sustainable ways to incorporate decorations, but I still think there should be fresh flowers in the bride’s bouquet, the entryway, and the altar; basically, anything that’s going to have a lot of pictures taken of it,” Jamie concludes. “Yes, there’s just something about fresh flowers and everything they bring in pictures and in person,” Arghavan agrees.

For weddings, the party lines have been drawn. When you decide who you want to choose to be a part of your big day, we hope you choose Display Group as a vendor partner. Call us today – we promise not to judge if you want to use Mason Jars!