Wedding Design Trends in 2020

The idea of planning a wedding conjures images of dresses, tuxes, rings, flowers, and everything in between. Here at Display Group, one image we want to help with is the Design of your wedding. Our in-house expert designers thought about the trends we’ll see down the aisle and at the party in 2020.

Now, we want to warn you ahead of time, our designers Jamie Pecina and Arghavan Ebrahami were somewhat split on the design trends for 2020.


When it comes to colors, a new year and a new decade means new opportunities to lean into color beyond the pastels and jewel tones that are typically found at weddings.

“Keep an eye on the Pantone color of the year, that will really dictate the trends,” said Jamie Pecina. “Regardless, I think we’ll start to see a lot more mod tones with a mid-century vibe.”

Easing into neutrals and color-blocking seems to be a trend that both designers agree on.

“We see more couples starting to use a bohemian design which is easier to execute for DIY celebrations. I think we’ll see more neutrals and earth tones complimented with greenery.”

In a sharp left from neutrals, Jamie sees another bright trend being incorporated more into weddings and celebrations.

“I think this will be a big year for neon – whether it be signs or accents throughout the space. I’d love to see couples go for more brighter and bolder colors to really saturate the space.”

When it comes to all aspects of color for your wedding – don’t be afraid to step outside tradition! Especially when it comes to your crew standing by your side. More brides are breaking from the tradition of having all bridesmaids wearing the same colors and instead wearing coordinated colors.


A lot of venues have their own décor in-house, and some historic venues don’t even need much on the walls. At Display Group, we want you to know there are many options to choose from beyond flowers and chargers. Both designers agree less is more when it comes to centerpieces.

“You really can’t go wrong with some greenery and white pillar candles. Using eucalyptus or olive branches running through the center of the table can still be really luxurious while also being minimal and sustainable. You can even preserve the branches afterwards and repurpose them for the holidays,” says Jamie.

“And to keep in the theme of keeping your wedding sustainable, you can repurpose items as décor, such as glass bottles or pieces of wood,” Arghavan said.

While the center of the table might be more minimal, other aspects can be more above and beyond. It sounds crazy, but more couples are incorporating personal branding into their celebration. For some, it can be as in-depth as creating your own wedding logo or it can be as simple as finding a captivating font for your initials. Don’t worry, our design team can assist with creating logos or emblems that can be used in custom printing for paper goods, backdrops, or even gobos for lighting.

“I think audio and video should be used really intelligently for weddings. Lighting can really become a décor element as well as being used to provide cues to dictate the flow of the event. For instance, you can keep it ambient during the cocktail hour and then dim the lights to guide people to their seats. Then when the couple enters you can incorporate colors to get the party going. I’ve even seen venues turn the house lights off and use up-lighting throughout the space during dancing to completely transform the vibe,” Jamie advises.

Other things that can bring a wow factor through décor may be right above your head!

“You can suspend items from above, use chicken wire and Edison bulbs with flowers to focus on having less on the table and more in the space,” Jamie suggests.

From the floor to the ceiling and everything in between, there are multiple items in our inventory that can become focal points throughout the space for guests to take photos and give them a chic place to lounge. Our Candy, Julep, or Colin sofas are lush, comfortable, and provide extra seating for your guests beyond the dinner setting.

Even if your overall theme is more subdued, you can still create interactive spaces that pop throughout the venue. So many photos are taken at weddings, from the photographers to the guests, and there are easy ways for you to give guests a fun and photogenic moment at your celebration. Our champagne wall or interactive drink wall would be perfect for this!

Another trend on the uptick for weddings? Using different tables!

Jamie: “Couples are using less rounds and more long tables to encourage more communal dining. It’s much more inclusive when the space is set up that way.”

Jamie: “Depending on the size of your wedding, the smaller your dance floor – the fuller it looks. It’s more likely that people will get up and dance. Having a smaller dance floor can make your dancing feel more intimate. And I don’t think guests will complain. If people want to dance, they don’t need a large dance floor!”

Unique Ideas

Our designers lit up with unique ideas for couples this year, here are our favorites listed below!

Arghavan: “When people are planning their wedding, one thing that always seems to come forth is how unique they want to be. And really, you can take that creative touch and add it to the smaller details of your wedding to set your celebration apart from others.”

We’ve mentioned before our commitment to sustainability and its importance for events. It does seem that sustainable weddings and green weddings will continue to be a trend in 2020. As couples upcycle more items and opt for glassware over plasticware, it will be good for couples and good for the planet.

Jamie: “I’ve seen clients use edible centerpieces. Instead of buying a massive cake and paying for the cake cutting, couples will have small cakes or desserts in the center of the table so guests can help themselves to desserts as soon as they’re done eating dinner.”

Arghavan: “Or! You can bring in a donut wall or the champagne wall in our inventory.”

In terms of being unique for a wedding, one term that both designers agreed on is being CREATIVE.

Arghavan: “There are places and items in a wedding that can have a real creative and unique touch to them. The gift table, the memorial table, the favors – if you really pay attention to those details and give them a creative touch you can create an activation station for your guests before they even begin the reception.”

Jamie: “I’ve started to see people fold in other cultures in the reception or ceremony to make it more diverse. You can combine personal touches of culture with western traditions.”

We’ve all been to our fair share of weddings, and most of us with nosy relatives are all too aware of the judgment that can come with planning a wedding. Our designers have one final piece of advice for you.

Jamie: “When it comes to weddings, honestly, just remember to keep it very personal and focus on the things that are important to you. When I got married, I wanted a great photographer, great food, and I wanted WOW moments in the space. At the end of the day, it is about YOU and your significant other and you both get to pick and choose where you are spending your money.”

Arghavan: “However you’re doing it, whether you’re planning everything on your own or hiring a planner, just enjoy the process. Don’t stress out on the little things that no one else knows about. Your guests don’t know the difference between what was planned and what was executed, so they’ll enjoy it as much as you.”

We know you have plenty of choices when it comes to planning your big day. We hope you’ll consider Display Group as a vendor partner and contact us today!