Sad Dog

Display Group was contracted by LA based artist Jason Yates to design 3D sculptures for his largest solo installation to-date. Homemade Ice Cream, hosted at the Wassermann gallery in Detroit’s eastern market, will be Yates first show in the city in 25 years. Yates, being a Detroit native, used his personal experiences growing up in Detroit as inspiration. Yates’ show will explore home life and everyone’s particular memories of it.

Display Group’s design team utilized a small prototype sculpture from Yates to start the design process. After three-dimensionally scanning the sculpture, DG carved a 5-foot foam “Sad Dog” for the show. They then hard coated the sculpture with an impact resistant, weather proof, Polyuria plastic and prepped for painting. Yates’s theme for Homemade Ice Cream uses elements of playfulness and dark concepts. DG designers used a special automotive matte black paint for Sad Dog to carry on Yates theme.

Homemade Ice Cream will feature Yates unique views and styles to create vignettes of front porches living, dining rooms and outside of homes. Homemade Ice Cream opens September 22 at the Wasserman Projects – come by and see DG’s custom Sad Dog sculpture first hand!