Theatre and Movie Props – A Western Theme

Western BarWestern Themes are considered to be one of the more popular themes utilized when it comes to Movie Props. The Western genre is one that has not only been around for many decades now, it is a much-admired theme that brings with it that old-style, nostalgic, Americana feel that was so very popular at this special time in history. A Western theme also represents a time when there was no grey areas, as you were either considered to be a law-abiding citizen or an outlaw, which adds an extra element to the Western movie prop theme.

Figuring out which movie props to use that will fit your particular needs is not difficult to do as there is a large variety of Western related props that will surely fit your specific movie prop needs.

Cutouts, Backdrops/Flats, Fa├žades, and Props
Creating a Western theme is not only fun, but easy to do when you have the right props!

Cutouts. Who could resist a few life-sized cutouts of some of the more popular people that have a Western theme attached to them? Choose from the large variety of people that have been associated with a Western theme, such as:

  • John Wayne (on or off a horse)
  • Matt Dillon, Marshall on Gunsmoke and Amanda Blake, Miss Kitty
  • Alan Ladd (Shane)
  • Steve McQueen
  • James Garner (Maverick)

*There is also a selection of animals from which to choose from such as cows, horses, and pigs.

spring with horses propBackdrops/Flats. Choose from a few different backdrops and/or flats, which will help set the scene.

  • Western Desert or Mountain
  • Wagon at Sunset
  • Horse Stable
  • Saloon Scene
  • Prairie Day and/or Night

*What particular mood are you trying to convey?

Fa├žades. Take your Western theme to another whole level by adding one of these fantastic fa├žades! These life-sized fa├žades are great replicas of the old-style buildings that people expect to see when they think of a main street in any old-time Western town.

  • Saloon
  • Barn
  • Livery
  • Bank
  • Jail
  • Hotel
  • Church
  • Hardware and Dry Goods

*A complete Western-themed town is possible!

Support Props. When you add support props, you are adding all those extra fine details that can really add to the Western theme’s overall appearance.

  • Hay Bales, Tumbleweeds
  • Branding Iron, Lasso Ropes, Leather Chaps
  • Rustic Wagon
  • Barrels, Wagon Wheels, Weathered Crates
  • Rocks, Large Cactus, Cactus Clusters
  • Cigar Store Indian Statue
  • (Triangle) Dinner Bell

*These support props will create the final touches for the perfect Western theme.

Special Movie Props
sofa with western accentsThese two special props are meant to add that something special to your Western theme, and can be used as an addition to you overall theme or used as a standalone piece.

Stage Coach. Imagine the statement that a Stage Coach can make! The presence of this stage coach automatically represents all things Western, and is thus the perfect addition to any event that requires a Western theme.

Barrel Table w/Cow Hyde and Wood Slat Fence. A beautiful way to display some of the more special Western themed items. Or choose to use this beautifully crafted table to serve some of the more popular Western foods at your event, such as hamburgers, hot dogs, steaks, baked beans, potato salad, biscuits, and corn on the cob.

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