Prop Supply on the Rise in Michigan

Display Group President, Rick Portwood, posing with some Roman themed statues
Display Group was recently recognized for their extensive collection of props for movie and theater in the Detroit Free Press article Prop supply on the rise in Michigan We have worked with multiple movie companies over the years with our 4 flours of props filling up 200,000 square feet of our warehouse.

There’s also an excellent interview video that not only tells you more about Display Group and our theme and prop collection but it also shows you how big and extensive that collection is.

Here’s an excerpt of the article:

Local businesses like Display Group, an events and design company in Detroit, have evolved their trade to appeal to the Michigan’s burgeoning film industry.

“We do a lot of the big, high-profile events and corporate events that are here in Detroit and Michigan,” said Display Group President Rick Portwood. “A lot of those pieces that we use to create these scenes for events can also be used for the movie industry.”

Display Group has four floors of its warehouse dedicated to storing everything and anything — 1950s telephones, mummies and giant slot machines.

“It’s kind of endless,” said Portwood. “You almost have to walk around to see it all.”

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