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Greenery – Pantone of 2017

        Greenery. It’s all about Greenery (Pantone 15-0343, in fact) this year. Chosen by the world-renowned Pantone Color Institute, Greenery has been selected as the “it” color this year for all things design, digital, interior, home, fashion, plastics and more. Known as an inspirational and energizing shade, designers are embracing the color as a symbol of...[...]

Corporate Events Are Going Above And Beyond With Themes

It’s one thing to put on a corporate event like a seminar, a trade show, or an incentive meeting — it’s quite another to put on an event that people will remember by the time the next fiscal quarter rolls around. When you put on a corporate event with a strong theme, you get an even more memorable and engaging event, with the same or better end result. As a side...[...]

Enhancing Event Attendee Retention

When delivering a corporate meeting or event, there are always two costs that must be considered. The first, which is obvious, is the price tag associated with having the tangible elements included in the actual event: transportation, accommodations, sound, light, video, entertainment, décor, food and beverage, swag, etc. These are the costs that meeting and event planners often...[...]

Corporate Theme Parties: Fun or Cheesy?

How impressive would it be to attend an event that made you feel as though you were walking through a ghost town in the old west, or visiting Detroit back in the ‘60s when Motown was just taking off? A single great theme party can forge business connections, the benefits of which may be reaped for years afterward. For theme parties, external objectives may be set and met, such as...[...]

Compuware – Global Sales Training Event

We recently created the decor for Compuware’s FY2011 Sales Event. The challenge was to play off of Compuware’s involvement with the Lemans racing series. The focus of the evening was to drive sales success! This was a great theme event that also incorporated custom banner work with the client’s name. An event that left the client happy and the employees with an event...[...]

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